Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Chapter 4 - Even More Security

Chapter 4 - Even More Security
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Guide

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Back on the road after chapter 3 you arrive at a large building with more security to get past, but no people in sight. Lets find our way past.
Chapter 4 - Even More Security

Star: tap the roof line of the small building just above the door.

Note the security cameras and their IDs. Tap to the right hand side of the scene to switch to a view of a truck. Tap on the side door of the truck to open it and take the cheese. More security cameras here as well.
Chapter 4 - Even More Security

Then go back to the first view and give the cheese to the mouse that is on the ground near the wall. The mouse releases some keys for you to collect.

Return to the truck and use the keys on the locked back doors. You will need to select two keys from the set of 8 that will combine to fit the shape shown on the padlock.
Chapter 4 - Even More Security
Solution: Keys required are 6 and 8Show

Once the truck doors are open pick up the green cleaning rag.
Chapter 4 - Even More Security

Star: on a shelf in the back of the truck.

Tap the cabinet in the back of the truck to the left to view a 4 digit entry. We need to find 4 numbers to unlock this.
Hint: use the numbers from the four security cameras.Show
Solution: (A8, B5, C9, D7) Enter 8597.Show
Once opened collect the cleaning spray and hood garment.

Now we need to tap on each of the three windows on the building and spray them with the cleaning fluid, then wipe them with the rag. With each window cleaned you will reveal a dog., each has a word on their collar. DEDICATION, PROGRESS, LOGICShow
Also note the license plate of the truck: LDP.

Go back to the initial view and tap on the small building to be greeted by a guard wearing a hood asking if you are here to join. The guard will ask you what the Compound motto is to allow you to enter.
Hint: Use the three words from the dog collars and use the license plate letter order to enter themShow
Chapter 4 - Even More Security

You pass but must now move to a holding area to complete more tests in chapter 5. If you have any question about this chapter or the rest of the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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