Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Chapter 5 - Three Tests

Chapter 5 - Three Tests
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Guide

You have made it into the compound in chapter 4 and now you must pass the tests to be accepted and allowed to pass. There are three tests based on the values of Logic, dedication and progress.
Chapter 5 - Three Tests

One door is open to you on the right to tap to enter this room and find the Logic test.
Chapter 5 - Three Tests

Star: under the sofa on the left of the room.

On the table are 3 wooden model torsos. We need to collect the other wooden parts from the room. A leg on the sofa, an arm on the floor by the shelves, a head on the shelves.

We also need to pick up the 3 sketches that are found under the ornament on the table, in a picture frame on the wall and on a book on the bookshelf.

Now tap on the three torsos and place the parts and sketches into the spaces and on the table to begin building the models.
Chapter 5 - Three Tests

Tap the pile of sketches to view the first one. Then drag and place the required limbs and move them around to match the sketch. If you make a mistake and place a limb in the wring place drag the screwdriver from the table over the incorrect limb to remove it.
Chapter 5 - Three Tests

Once done this model will be saved and you can move on to the next one.

When all three are done you can take the Logic Crystal and exit the room. Place the crystal on the pedestal and then go through the next door (on the left) to the Dedication puzzle.
Chapter 5 - Three Tests

Star: behind the sofa cushion in the lower left.

Pick up the corkscrew and then use it on the bottle of wine to collect a marble. Then tap the pool cue hanging on the wall to collect it. Take a note of the decoration in the room.

Tap on the pool table to view it and 6 coloured balls on it, this is a puzzle. You need to arrange the balls in the correct colour pattern.
Hint: Find a 6 colour pattern in the room top copy.Show
Solution: 6 coloured blocks on the mantle piece. Left to right: Red, orange, yellow on top. Purple, green, blue on the bottom.Show
Move all the balls into the respective holes in that order and a marble will appear in the fireplace. You must use the pool cue to get it.

Next tap on the locked closet on the left side of the room. You will see a code entry lock with 4 playing cards.

To solve this go to the card table in the room and notice the 4 sequences of cards laid out. You must figure out the pattern in each row of cards on the card table and understand which card is next in each one.
Chapter 5 - Three Tests
Solution 1: increases by 1 each time next card is the Queen of Spades.Show
Solution 2: decreases by 2 each time, subtract 2 to get the 3 of Hearts.Show
Solution 3: sequence increases by 3 then decreases by 1, final move is to increase by 3 - 10 of Clubs.Show
Solution 4: Fibonacci, add up the previous two cards each time to get the next one. Final card is 3 + 5 = 8 of Diamonds.Show
Return to the closet and enter the code Q 3 10 8Show to open is and collect the third marble.

Star: on the top shelf in the closet.

Tap the game of solitaire that you also find in the closet and add all three marbles to the board.
Chapter 5 - Three Tests
You now need to solve the game although fortunately you do not need to win completely by having only 1 marble left at the end. Keep going until you cannot make any more moves and if you have few enough marbles left the test will complete and you will receive the Dedication Crystal.
Leave the room and place it as before to open the middle door. Go through to take the Progress test.

Chapter 5 - Three Tests

Star: on the floor just behind the far cabinet on the left wall.

In the laboratory room, collect the key from the left wall, the lab equipment item from the shelf below the key, a stack of paper from the top shelf and a Bunsen burner from the far cabinet top.

Next use the key to unlock the cabinet on the top right and get the crystal powder. Place the stack of paper and the crystal powder into the red and white machine on the far right and you will receive a compound analysis report for it. Notice it is made up of red, white, and blue elements.
Chapter 5 - Three Tests

Now tap to open the tall closet on the left to find a range of coloured elements. You need to select the correct 3 bottles Red, white, and blue bottles as in the analysisShow.
Chapter 5 - Three Tests

Tap on the chemistry equipment on the lab bench and use the bunsen burner and other item to place them on the right with the rest of the pieces. We now need to arrange the equipment in the correct places.
Chapter 5 - Three TestsShow
Finally, place the three coloured elements on the table.

Check again the paper with the compound analysis results. Notice that the lines for red and blue are twice as high as the line for white. Use the 3 elements by dragging them to the beaker on the left. Place the elements in the correct order and number
2 red, 1 white 2 blue Chapter 5 - Three TestsShow.

Next pour the contents of the beaker into the left of the apparatus.

Take the Progress crystal that appears and leave the room.
You can now place the third crystal on the pedestal and complete the chapter to move on to chapter 6. If you have any questions about this chapter or the game please head to the Answers Page.

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