Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Chapter 1 - Melissa's Home

Chapter 1 - Melissa's Home
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Guide


This first chapter of Adventure Escape Cult Mystery has you arrive at the home of your friend Melissa. The start of the chapter is designed as a tutorial and will guide you through the items to find and actions to take.

Following the tutorial you will need to pick up the rope from the pot and use it to climb up the tree to see the note that says LOVE. A clue.

Star: Shown to you in a bush in front of the house.

Next tap on the locked front door to see a keypad entry. Use the clue found above 'LOVE' to get the correct code



and enter it into the keypad to go inside.

Chapter 1 - Melissa's Home

Star: Under the sofa by the right leg.

Fist collect the blue puzzle piece from under the sofa and also the red puzzle piece from the lower shelf of the coffee table. Tap on Melissa’s cell phone from the top of the table to find that it won’t turn on.

Pick up the fish food from the wall shelf to the right and use it on the aquarium to feed the fish. You can then collect a key.

Use the key to open the bedroom door on the left and go in.

Chapter 1 - Melissa's Home

Star: under the table to the right

Collect the green puzzle piece from the teddy bear on the bed and then take the phone charger sitting on the table to the right.

Take a note of the date shown on the calendar on the wall.

Tap on the bed side table to the left that has a 4 digit lock. Use the date from the calendar 1024 to unlock it.




In the draw you find a puzzle to solve.

Chapter 1 - Melissa's Home

Add the three pieces you have collected to the puzzle, then you can rotate each of the 4 circular sections in the center to move the segments. Solve the puzzle by moving all three of each colour to the same coloured background area.

Once you solve this you will be able to view Melissa's journal for the next location clue. It says Seth took her to the Compound. Take a note also of the diagram on the page.


Chapter 1 - Melissa's Home

Now return to the living room and use the charger on the phone to plug it in. You can now use the phone but you need to unlock it. Use the diagram found above to swipe the correct points on the unlock screen.



Chapter 1 - Melissa's Home

Unlocking the phone will complete this chapter and let you move on to chapter 2. If you have any questions for this chapter or the rest of the game please head to the answer page to ask there.

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