Adventure Escape: Asylum

Chapter 4 - Dreams and Reality

Chapter 4 - Dreams and Reality
Adventure Escape: Asylum Guide

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You have escaped the music room and are now in a living room and need to find a way to get upstairs.

Chapter 4 - Dreams and Reality

Star: In the large flower pot to the left of the room.

First pick up the hammer from the small table on the left. Next to the central doors to go out on to the patio.
From the floor collect a wooden plank, then tap the papers to the left to move them and collect a moon piece.

Star: collect a star from below the gate on the left.

Chapter 4 - Dreams and Reality
Tap on the climbing roses to view a clue, then go back inside. Tap on the box that is sitting on the table to view a puzzle. Place the roses in the holes of the box based on the clue outside. The size and shape of the roses need to match.
Once opened collect a second moon piece.

Now go through the door to the right to the workshop.

Star: on the workbench just above the small red boxes.

Chapter 4 - Dreams and Reality
Pick up 2 more wooden planks from the floor and the table. Then, tap on the workbench to view an assortment of nails, collect these by taping and finding pairs that match. Match all the pairs of nails until there are none left and you will have collected a box of nails.
Chapter 4 - Dreams and Reality

Use the two moon pieces from your inventory and place them in the slots on the large door and open it to get the fourth wooden plank.

Return back outside on the patio and tap on the roses again. Use the planks first on the broken wooden pieces ad then use the nails to put them in place. Finally use the hammer to fix the nails in place and complete the ladder. Tap above the ladder to climb up to complete this chapter.

That completes chapter 4 of Adventure Escape Asylum. Next we move on to chapter 5, if you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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