Adventure Escape: Asylum

Chapter 5 - The Mad Scientist

Chapter 5 - The Mad Scientist
Adventure Escape: Asylum Guide


You have made it up to the second floor of the Institute building and it seems to be in an even worse state than below.

Chapter 5 - The Mad Scientist

Collect from the floor a box of matches then check the clues that are written around he room. Tap the small table to the left to see a note reading “x=3”. And the message on the wall that reads:

“There is no Alpha and no Omega.”

Chapter 5 - The Mad Scientist

Tap to go through the door to the right into a hallway. Collect the green chemistry bottle from the floor. Note all the writing on the walls.

B42+T1 = Blue

K6+A = Red

S+O.P = Yellow

Θ = 4

and of course the word 'Run'

Next to through the doorway to the far right into a green surgical room. Collect the scissors from the table then leave.

Chapter 5 - The Mad Scientist

Next go into the other room on the right (orange room). There are three more chemistry bottles to collect. Next use the scissors on the teddy bear in the center to open it and collect a key. Notice again the clues on the wall and on the floor.

Σ =3

Ω Omega

α Alpha

Return to the green room and use the key to open the locked cabinet to the upper left. View the paper inside with another clue on it.



Ω + Θ + Σ + α


Finally tap on the 2 posters in the room with faces. The teeth are a further clue.

Go back to the orange room and tap the low unit with the 5 digit combination lock. For the combination we need to combine the paper and clues found so far.

Hint: Use the paper found in the locked cabinet and substitute the lines for other clues found so far.Show

Solution: X = 3

Teeth (on the posters) = 13

Sum of values but 'No alpha or omega', so 0 + 4 + 3 + 0 = 7


Enter the code 31373Show into the combination lock and then collect a shovel.

Then go back to the starting room with the rubble on the floor and use the shovel to dig through this. Collect another chemistry bottle.

Go back to the green room and tap on the glass beakers on the work top at the back left. Place all the bottles on the shelf with the one that is already there. (6 in total)

Use the matches to light the fire under the mixing beaker. Then drag b42 and Ti to the tops of the beaker to mix them and get a blue mixture. We can then mix K6 and A to get a red mixture, and finally, mix S and O.P to get yellow.

Chapter 5 - The Mad Scientist

The final step is to mix the blue and yellow solutions to get a green acid. We can then return to first room and use the acid to break open the lock on the door.

That completes chapter 5 of Adventure Escape Asylum. Next we move on to chapter 6, if you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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