Adventure Escape: Asylum

Chapter 10 - Rebirth

Chapter 10 - Rebirth
Adventure Escape: Asylum Guide

We seem to be moving even deeper and are now in a tunnel below ground. Where will it take us and will we find Adam?

Chapter 10 - Rebirth

Star: Tap the banana skin on the side to move it and find a star

Pick up the gem that is in the middle of the scene. Then tap towards the far end of the tunnel to move onward.

The next section of tunnel is dark. We can see a large rock which you should collect. Now go back into the first section (left) and use the rock on the cracked floor tile to break open the floor and find a battery. Use the battery on the flashlight and collect it.

Chapter 10 - Rebirth
Go back to the dark area and use the flashlight on the scene. You can drag it around to illuminate the area until you find three more gems on the ground

Highlight the dark doorway to the right and open it to pass through.

Chapter 10 - Rebirth

Star: in the cracked hole in the ceiling

Tap the shelves to the left of the room to view a puzzle with butterflies. There are 16 butterflies that can be arranged to complete the puzzle.
Hint: Arrange them according to wing shape, colour and also the type of antenna. Some are fixed in place.Show
Solution: Chapter 10 - RebirthShow
Once done collect the key.

Use the key to unlock the padlock on the trap door in the floor. Collect two more gems.

Chapter 10 - Rebirth
Now tap on the large door at the end of the room. You can now place all of the collected gems in the sockets on the emblem to open it and then continue through to the next room. Adam is waiting for you here and he has the little girl locked up in a cage.

Chapter 10 - Rebirth

Star: To the right of the barrel below some stones.

Tap on a small green panel on the floor to the left. This reveals a puzzle with a 6 digit code entry. You don't need clues for this though. Simply change the numbers from left to right and check that the lines on each of the green sections line up to complete a circuit across the puzzle.

Chapter 10 - Rebirth

In some of the section more than one number may appear to match so you may need to try several combinations. Solution 134128Show.

Once you have completed the puzzle you can pull the lever to drop Adam through the trap door. Tap the cage to released the girl, who will reveal another secret and hand you a disjointed newspaper article. Rearrange the pieces to complete the story and find out your history.

Chapter 10 - RebirthShow

Chapter 10 - Rebirth

That completes chapter 10 of Adventure Escape Asylum and the game. If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there. If you want to let other know what you though of the game please go to the reviews page.

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