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Chapter 3 - The Warning

Chapter 3 - The Warning
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Having acquired a key card from the nurse in chapter 2 of Adventure Escape Asylum you can now proceed through the crumbling hallways of the Byers Institute. You start in the same location as the last chapter.

Use the key card in the card reader in the red doors to open them and go through to the music room.

Chapter 3 - The Warning

Star: In the open case in the center of the screen.

Pick up the two sheets of music paper from the floor. Then tap on the shelves to the left of the room to view them. You need to tap and drag each of the instruments/items from the top shelves and arrange them by type and colour below.

Hint: There are 5 colours and 4 types of itemShow.

Solution: Chapter 3 - The Warning Show

Take the gear that is revealed

Next tap on the door on the right of the room to find yourself in a dining area. Collect a third music sheet from the table and a rope from the floor to the left of the counter.

Chapter 3 - The Warning

Tap on the food counter to reveal a tray and plated food. This is a puzzle to solve by following the instructions on the paper as below:

-The special consists of a main dish, three side dishes, and a dessert.

-The main dish is in the opposite corner of a green dish.

-The dessert is red, and is in the opposite corner of a fried dish.

-An orange dish is adjacent to a green dish.

-There is no cheese in the special.

-The French fries are in the top right corner.

Drag and drop the food items from the selecting onto the tray following the rules.

Solution: Top row: Broccoli in the top left corner, then carrots, then French fries. Second row: Jello and meatballs in the large section.Show

Take the tray of food that you gain and give it to the woman on the floor. She will move and reveal a fourth music sheet to collect.

Next go through the left door into the kitchen, it is a mess and needs clearing up.

Chapter 3 - The Warning

First tap on the stool to collect it. Then tap the items around the room to place them in the right places. Move all the apples to the bowl, the cookies go to the jar, the bananas to a white bowl, and the garlic needs to go on the garlic rope.

Doing this will reveal 8 more music sheets, collect them all.

Return to the music room and place the stool to the left of the room below a rusted gear that is in the top left of the curtains. Now use the good gear on this and them the rope and use it to open the curtain. Your ghostly apparition makes another appearance.

Tap on the music stand on the stage to view some more music puzzle pieces. Add all the music sheet pieces that you have collected to this puzzle and rearrange them to complete it. The pieces will snap together when placed next to the correct pieces.

Chapter 3 - The Warning

Once the puzzle is complete go back to the kitchen room. Tap on the large unit to the left of the back wall. There is a safe here and the music sheet is the key to it. Use the music sheet to add to the view and use this clue to work out the combination. Then tap the dial controls to move the pointer to the correct positions.

Chapter 3 - The Warning

Hint: Count the notes in the sheet and use the key below for the orderShow

Solution: 3 (A) clockwise, 4 (G) anti-clockwise, 5 (D) clockwise, 2 (E) anti-clockwise, 2 (F) clockwiseShow

The safe will open and you can collect an Axe.

Return again to the music room and use the axe to break down the three boards blocking the left door. That completes chapter 3 of Adventure Escape Asylum. Next we move on to Chapter 4, if you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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