Adventure Escape: Asylum

Chapter 6 - Wrath

Chapter 6 - Wrath
Adventure Escape: Asylum Guide


You have solved the clues of the strange medical rooms and are now in an office, how do you move on from here.

Chapter 6 - Wrath

Tap on the desk to collect a film strip fragment then find a second one on the shelf unit in the center. Now tap to go through the door to the left into a room with a projector and screen.

Chapter 6 - Wrath

Pick up a third film strip fragment from the floor. Then go through the door on the right into the bathroom.

Chapter 6 - Wrath

Open the cabinet door under the sink and tap to collect the list of chemicals. Then open the mirror cabinet and place the list with the bottles displayed there.

Chapter 6 - Wrath

You now need to match the bottle labels to the chemical formulas on the shelves using the key in the list of chemicals. each chemical symbol matches a shape which will appear on the bottle labels.

Once done you will receive a bottle of ammonia.

Use the ammonia and tap on the toilet to clean it. You can then tap on the tank and get the key.

Return to the first room and use the key on the locked cabinet drawer in the left shelf unit. Tap the draw to view some files. Organize the files according to year and season, some words are missing and need to be guessed.



From the back start with Winter Year 5, spring year 6, Summer Y6, autumn year 6, winter year 6, spring year 7, summer year 7, and so on.

Once done collect another film strip fragment and view the file on Adam Martin..

Chapter 6 - Wrath

Go back to the movie projection room and place all the film strips in the projector. The pieces need to be fitted together in a singe strip to complete the puzzle.



Each piece has shapes on each side that will match with one other piece and snap them together.They fit together in 2 rows

A scene will be shown on the screen. Notice the numbers 4 and 21 on the projector screen.

Chapter 6 - Wrath

Return to the office room and tap the door on the right. Use the code found above on the lock and open the door



. In the next room you find the doctor on the floor and Adam. Tap to see the brief cut scene and learn that Adam is holding a girl hostage.

That completes chapter 6 of Adventure Escape Asylum. Next we move on to chapter 7, if you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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