Adventure Escape: Asylum

Chapter 1 - Awakening

Chapter 1 - Awakening
Adventure Escape: Asylum Guide

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Chapter 1 provides a tutorial for the game and the first few steps are prompted for you to escape the first room. After this you are on your own.

Chapter 1 - Awakening

You awake to find yourself secured to a bed in a medical room. Follow the tutorial suggestions through this first section. Tap to pick up the scalpel and then use it on the strap to the left to free yourself.

Next open the cabinet on the right and collect the gloves and lock pick set. Now tap the clipboard on the wall to read about yourself and get a clue.

Chapter 1 - Awakening

Star: Find a star on the table

The clue gives you the combination for the door to unlock it. 2854Show Enter this into the keypad on the door to open it and go through into the hallway.

Chapter 1 - Awakening

3 Stars:
Tap the upper left window to collect a star
Tap the light on the ceiling to collect a star
Tap in the lower left corner of the hall behind the mop to collect a star.

In the hallway tap the mop to collect it. Use this mop on the puddle on the floor to clear it. You can then use the gloves and tap the electrical wire to clear that out of the way as well.

Tap the door handles to view the lock. Use the lock pick set to move each of the barrels in the lock mechanism until they are all in the raised position. This will unlock the door.

That completes chapter 1 of Adventure Escape Asylum. Next we move on to chapter 2, if you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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