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Ace Defender: Dragon War provides you with various gameplay elements and modes as you unlock a lot of features through the game’s expedition mode. This mode is also known as the game’s campaign, and you will be clearing various stages and battle

In this page, we’ll be checking how Expeditions work in Ace Defender: Dragon War. Since the game combines different battle elements, let us check how you can progress in the different stages available for you.

What are Expeditions?

So, what are Expeditions exactly? When playing Ace Defender: Dragon War for the first time, you’ll be going through battles already and clearing stages. You’ll reach the game’s main menu where you’ll be able to clear different “Chapters” and “Stages”. As you progress forward, you’ll be able to unlock more of these with enemies getting stronger along the way.

An arrow icon will be pointing at your current stage progression in the expedition. Tapping on the “Continue” button on the game’s screen will let you challenge that current stage before you can move forward to the next.

Progress through different stages by tapping on the Continue button
Progress through different stages by tapping on the Continue button

In order to complete your expeditions, you’ll have to keep on continuing these stages and they’re composed of two various styles of battle. Clearing these battles provides you with rewards such as Gold, Lord EXP, and Hero EXP.

Tower Defense Battles

Tower Defense Battles are the ones you’ll experience at the start of the game. Once you reach later stages, you’ll be able to unlock a total of up to 8 slots for you to deploy your heroes. Starting the battle will provide you with a map interface, and you’ll be provided with coins at the start of the battle for deployment.

Deploy heroes using 100 coins
Deploy heroes using 100 coins

Each hero that you deploy will cost 100 coins and you’ll have to place the bases on the field. Your main goal is to defend the crystal at the end, and you’ll have to start the battle after your preparation. Enemies will come in waves, so your goal is to deploy all heroes that you have on the field in order for them to attack.

The Blue Circle will represent the mana that you have, and this is generated as your heroes attack. You can use skills once your hero icon is flashing with flames, and you drag and drop their icon to the screen in order to aim your attack.

Use your heroes' skills on the field once they have enough Mana
Use your heroes' skills on the field once they have enough Mana

Once you have more coins, you can boost your hero’s strength by using 100 coins on them once. As you reach later waves in the game, you can upgrade all heroes with your coins and then focus on using their skills after. Once you have defended the crystal, you win the battle.

Team versus Team Battles

Majority of the stages you’ll find in the game’s campaign are the Team versus Team battles. Unlike the Tower Defense style of battles, this type doesn’t involve you using your heroes’ skills. Battles are done automatically and each hero will use skills on their own.

Team versus Team battles will test your power versus your opponents
Team versus Team battles will test your power versus your opponents

The battles here will test your power versus your opponents, and whoever is left standing will be declared the winner. You can look at the preview of your team’s power as well as your opponents at the bottom side of the screen.

Once you have cleared Stage 4-1. You’ll be able to unlock the feature for you to skip the battle sequence and go straight to the results of the battle. Some battles with bosses cannot be skipped however. If your power is enough to beat your opponent, then you’ll automatically win the match. This will save time and you can keep progressing to the next stages available.

Team battles are done automatically
Team battles are done automatically

== Expedition Rewards==

Aside from getting the clear rewards on every stage, you can tap on the gift icon that’s telling you about the upcoming rewards that you can claim. When starting out, you can claim 10 Royal Recruitment tickets by completing stage 2-8, and you’ll be able to claim more rewards as you complete more stages.

You can get Gold, Hero EXP, Breakthrough Stones, Recruitment Tickets, Diamonds, and even Heroes as well. This will provide you with an incentive in order to progress forward with your expeditions. Soon enough, you’ll hit a time where progressing will be harder, so you’ll need to focus on your heroes to be stronger.

Complete specific stages to earn rewards
Complete specific stages to earn rewards

You can make heroes better by upgrading them, ranking them up, promoting them, as well as providing them with equipment. Make sure to check your Hero Index as well to see which characters have the highest level caps possible, this way you’ll be able to know which ones you’ll want for your team.

This concludes our page on How Expeditions Work in Ace Defender: Dragon War. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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