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Black Market

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In Ace Defender: Dragon War, your main gameplay is done through the game’s expedition mode. However, you will also need a place in order to manage other features of the game such as summoning your heroes, and more. In order to check the various facilities that you can use, you’ll be able to go to the Sky City which is one of your game’s main menus.

In this page, we’ll be looking at the Black Market facility including its various features. Progressing in Ace Defender will unlock more facilities as well, so let’s check out their functions. Learning more about them will help you navigate your way through what the game has to offer.

What is the Black Market?

As the name implies, the Black Market is a place where you can use various currencies in order to purchase items from the different shop categories. The main Black Market section provides you with goods that you can purchase with Diamonds and Gold.

Use various currencies at the Black Market
Use various currencies at the Black Market

Each shop category has a timer that’ counting down, and once the time is up, you will have the list of items provided refreshed for you. The various shop types are tied to the features in the game since the currencies you can acquire will be rewarded in those areas. You can check the various shops and currencies below.

Shop types and Currencies used

In this table below, we have listed the various shops in order. The currencies that you’ll need is listed as well as the locations on where you can find them.

How to get Currency
Items for Sale
Black Market
Gold / Diamonds
Autoplay Rewards, Expedition Rewards, Dawn Shield, Chucky's Recmomendation, Event Mail, Daily Quests
Resources, Recruitment Tickets, Equipment Shards, Enhancement Alloys, Eudaemon Tree Seed
Golden Leaf Shop
Golden Leaf
Daily Quests, Timed Events
Heroes, Hero Shards, Artifacts, Equipment, Equipment Shards, Faction Recruitment Ticket
Silver Lead Shop
Silver Leaf
Daily Quests, Timed Events
Heroes, Hero Shards, Artifacts, Equipment, Equipment Shards, Royal Recruitment Ticket, Faction Recruitment Ticket, Breakthrough Stones, Enhancement Alloys
Alliance Shop
Alliance Coin
Alliance Sign-in, Alliance Trial, Alliance Research Donation
Resources, Hero Shards, Divine Rocks, Heroes, Heroes, Saint Spirit, Faith Stone
Arena Shop
Honor Medal
Arena Rewards
Heroes, Royal Recruitment Tickets, Faction Recruitment Tickets, Equipment Shards, Resources
Dismissal Shop
Pension Medal
Dismissing Common Heroes
Hero Shards
Eudaemon Shop
Eudaemon Coin / Ruins Coins
Summon Eudaemons, Arcane Ruins
Eudaemon Equipment, Eudaemon Fruit

We hope that this shop list will help you with saving up the currencies that you need. A lot of the items that you can get from the Black Market will help you in your progress as well such as resources that will help strengthen your heroes.

This concludes our page on the Black Market in Ace Defender: Dragon War. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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