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Ace Defender: Dragon War is a strategy game with tower defense and fantasy elements. When starting out, you’ll be provided with various features of the game such as the variety of ways that you can battle. You will then progress through the different stages available, and things can be daunting at first.

Welcome to our Ace Defender: Dragon War Beginner’s Guide (Part 1). Here, we’ll be providing you with tips on how to start off in your journey. Soon, you’ll be able to make your own routine in playing based on the various features that are available. Let’s check what you can expect from the game.

Play through the game’s tutorial and learn the basic features

When playing the game for the first time, you’ll be provided with a tutorial in order for you to learn how the tide of battle works. In this game, there are battles done with the tower defense style and a head on battle style where you get to fight opponents directly.

The first part will introduce you to the tower defense feature of the game. You’ll have to protect the crystal at the end of the map, or whatever is needed to be protected based on the story by deploying heroes in the different pillars on the map. Each deployment will cost you 100 coins, then you will need to start the battle. Skills can be used once your character’s icon flashes and you can drag and drop their skills to the battlefield.

Tower Defense mode
Tower Defense mode

The other style of battle will be a team versus team match. Here, the battles are automatic and you’ll need to wait to see who’ll win. The match will be dependent on how strong your heroes are, so make sure to level them up and rank up to increase their level caps.

Team Battle mode
Team Battle mode

From there on, you will progress through the game’s campaign mode in order to unlock the variety of features in the game. We’ll have an Unlockables guide as well so you will know which stages you can clear for them, so don’t forget to check it out.

Learn about Hero Deployment bonuses

When battling in the team versus team match, your hero stats will provide an effect in battle since this will affect their strength. However, you can also increase their attack and HP further by providing them bonuses. You can tap on the emblem on each team has in order to see the bonuses that are active.

Hero Faction bonuses
Hero Faction bonuses

As seen in the image, heroes within the same factions can get bonus combinations. In order to get the best stats possible, you can deploy 5 heroes from the same faction. Alternatively, you can have 4 heroes from the same faction plus one from the Deity faction since they’ll also count for the bonuses.

Claim your Diamonds from your Heroes

Whenever you recruit a hero for the first time, those who have rarities above common can provide you with Diamond rewards. When checking your hero details, you’ll be able to find a book icon on the upper-left side that will let you view the profile of each hero.

Check the red exclamation mark to see if you can claim free Diamonds
Check the red exclamation mark to see if you can claim free Diamonds

A red exclamation mark will mean that you can claim Diamonds as rewards for summoning that hero for the first time. Make sure to check your hero list often to see if you get any Diamonds since this will help you with your summoning.

Claim all of your Gifts

Once you have progressed through chapters 2 and above, you’ll be able to unlock different menu items on the upper right side of the main menu in your Expedition. Here, you’ll be able to get items such as gifts, so make sure to check the various icons with a red exclamation mark.

Progress through the campaign and claim your gifts
Progress through the campaign and claim your gifts

The gifts that you can acquire can be beneficial since you can acquire Hero EXP, Gold, and even Hero items that can help with summoning. New players will be provided with a 7-day gift reward as well, so don’t forget to claim them before they disappear.

Upgrade and Rank up your Heroes

As you reach later stages in the game, the difficulty will become harder. In order to continue with your progression, you will need to upgrade and rank up your heroes. Upgrading means that you’ll have to level them up using Hero EXP as well as Gold.

As you level them up, you’ll reach a point where you will hit a level cap and need to rank up your heroes in order to make them stronger. You will need breakthrough stones in order to continue leveling them up, so make sure to check your gifts and achievements to see if there are stones. You’ll also be able to get more breakthrough stones once you have unlocked the Trials Tower.

Upgrade heroes to level then up and rank them up to increase their level cap
Upgrade heroes to level then up and rank them up to increase their level cap

We are aiming to create more pages in the game regarding the variety of features that you’ll be able to find, so please make sure to check our guide menu. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some useful information that will help out with your gameplay.

If you have any questions, you can also head out to our Answers Page and check if there’s any information there that can aid you. Feel free to leave us a comment down as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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