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Ace Defender: Dragon War Review - Heroes and Battles galore

Ace Defender: Dragon War Review - Heroes and Battles galore

Ace Defender: Dragon War is a Tower Defense game with some team versus team elements. Starting out in the game will provide you with a variety of heroes for your use and each of them have various skills which can be used in battle. Go through various stages in your expedition and complete team battles as well as defense battles, and use your raw power in order to overthrow your opponents.

There are a lot of heroes that you can collect in Ace Defender: Dragon War, ranging from commons to rares. Acquiring heroes here is actually quite easy compared to other types of games since rewards are provided generously such as Diamonds and Royal tickets for summoning. However, you’ll soon find a lot of buttons on your main screen that will provide you with offers such as resources and summoning items. Various packs will also feature free items for you if you watch their ads. You can, however, continue with the game even if you don’t make any purchases at all.

Most of the content in the game will be tied to your progression in the game’s expedition mode, also known as the campaign. There are a lot of stages that you’ll encounter, and they have two types of modes in terms of battle. The first one is the tower defense mode, where you’ll be deploying your heroes on the field in order to protect a crystal. The second is the team battle mode, and you’ll fight opponent teams in an automatic match in order to see who’s the victor in terms of raw power. This might get tedious however, since a lot of stages are composed of these automatic battles.

The different features in the game will be dependent on which stage you have unlocked so far, as well as your current account level. This means that you won’t be able to experience all features of the game at the start, and it may be considered a slow grind since you’ll have to upgrade and rank-up your heroes. Not only that, but providing them with good equipment and promoting them.

Heroes are quite balanced in terms of their raw power when starting out. However, their rarity will determine their maximum type of promotion. This is important since their level cap is dependent there. You can recruit Common, Superior, Rare, and Rare + characters. If you want the highest-level cap possible, you will need to acquire Rare + heroes which can be promoted to Immortal V, and their maximum level cap is 240. Rare heroes on the other hand, can be promoted up to Legendary with a level cap of 160. That’s a huge cap in terms of level difference.

Until you get Rare + heroes that can become Immortal V, using your Rare heroes is fine since the game provides you with the option to reset them and return the material you have invested. This means that you can progress through the game just fine and then level up another hero later on once you have obtained them.

Ace Defender: Dragon War provides you with character art that moves, as well as various skill effects in battle. A lot of enemies will come in waves as well, especially during tower defense battles; therefore, things can get hectic on the screen. This may cause issues if your device isn’t powerful enough, and you wouldn’t want to lag since these battles require you to defend the crystal in real time. There aren’t many graphic options as well, you can only disable skill cut-ins.

Unfortunately, the game’s music and sound may be the weakest in terms of features. With a lot of heroes available, voice acting needs improvement since occasional grunts aren’t that impactful. With a lot of stages available as well, the battle music tends to become repetitive. This even applies to the other modes in the game.

If you’re into hero collecting, and enjoy tower defense games then Ace Defender: Dragon War is a decent pick. Resources for hero summoning are abundant, but be wary of the possible grind in order to complete stages as well as unlocking features. Team battles also tend to be repetitive, that even a skip button is made for this mode as a feature.

- Review by Aryafortis (Appgamer Staff)

4.4 / 5.0
Review by vhayste | Jan 12th 2022

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Review by GuestFeb 17th 2024

Ich spiel das Spiel schon Jahre lang und finde es Klasse würde mich aber auch über was neues im Spiel freuen

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Review by GuestFeb 15th 2023

It's really a great time killing game.

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Review by GuestFeb 19th 2022

Very cool game that features not only turnbase style but different styles of fights

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