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In Ace Defender: Dragon War, your main gameplay is done through the game’s expedition mode. However, you will also need a place in order to manage other features of the game such as summoning your heroes, and more. In order to check the various facilities that you can use, you’ll be able to go to the Sky City which is one of your game’s main menus.

In this page, we’ll be looking at the Shared Crystal facility including its various features. Progressing in Ace Defender will unlock more facilities as well, so let’s check out their functions. Learning more about them will help you navigate your way through what the game has to offer.

What is the Shared Crystal?

With many heroes available in Ace Defender, it will be really tempting to try to level up a lot of your characters. However, this will require Hero EXP, Gold, as well as Breakthrough stones, which are all valuable resources. Thankfully, the Shared Crystal is a feature that you can use in order to sync your heroes’ levels to your top 5 characters.

Use the Shared Crystal to level up your other heroes instantly
Use the Shared Crystal to level up your other heroes instantly

In this area, you can add heroes to slots and automatically raise their levels. Their levels will be synced to the character’s lowest level out of your top 5 heroes. For example, if one character is leveled 98, and the rest are level 80, then the sync will make your characters level 80. If you have your top 5 characters at level 100, then you’ll be able sync your characters to level 100.

Once your top 5 heroes reach level 240, the level cap can be raised. The Shared Crystal level won’t depend on other heroes but it will start from 240. The actual levels of the leaders will become level 1 and then the benefits from the Shared Crystal’s leveling-up effect outright. You can then use resources to enhance the crystal and level it up, and all heroes in the slots will be improved. Also, after the level cap has been raised, Mythic Heroes and above can break through level 240, while others are still limited to their rarity’s limitations.

How to unlock more slots

When starting out with the Shared Crystal, you’ll have a few slots for your heroes that you can sync. In order to unlock more slots, you’ll have to use 200 Creation Essence which can be acquired from the Autoplay Rewards.

Use Creation Essence or Diamonds to unlock more slots
Use Creation Essence or Diamonds to unlock more slots

Once you run out of Creation Essence, you will have to spend on 800 Diamonds for each slot. Make sure to get slots only when needed, you don’t have to level up all of your heroes anyway and you can focus on your main team plus a select few. Take note though, that these numbers will increase once you need to unlock the 8th slot onward.

Removing characters from the slots

There might be instances where you will need a slot to use, but you don’t have any Creation Essence or Diamonds in order to get another. Thankfully, heroes that you have placed on the Shared Crystal can still be removed, and their levels will revert back to their original ones.

You will need to wait for 24 hours before you can use a slot again where a hero has been removed
You will need to wait for 24 hours before you can use a slot again where a hero has been removed

However, take note that If you decide to remove a character from the Shared Crystal, you’ll have to wait a total of 24 hours for a timer to finish before the slot can be used again.

This concludes our page on the Shared Crystal in Ace Defender: Dragon War. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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