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A lot of different games provide you with a variety of features that you can try out in order for you to get your own gameplay experience. Some games provide you with all of the features at once which can be confusing, but there are games that provide them to you gradually. In Ace Defender: Dragon War, you’ll be able to acquire a variety of features based on your clear progression.

In our Unlockables guide, we’ll be providing you with information on how to unlock the variety of features the game has to offer. We hope that this page will help you check in advance in case you are searching for specific areas in the game.

How to unlock Features

In Ace Defender: Dragon War, your main gameplay is done through the game’s expedition mode. Here, you’ll get to clear through different battles which involve Tower Defense style battles as well as Team versus Team battles. Each battle that you clear is considered a specific stage, and clearing specific stages can unlock features in the game.

You can check the various sections of your game’s menu, and you will notice that some items are locked. Tapping on them will let you know which stage can be cleared in order to provide you with the feature. Also, there are instances where features are provided based on the account level that you have accomplished.

Majority of the features are unlocked by completing expedition stages and reaching account level requirements
Majority of the features are unlocked by completing expedition stages and reaching account level requirements

If you decide to invest your time in the game, you’ll eventually be able to unlock the various features as you clear more stages and achieve higher account levels. You can check which unlockables the game has to offer on our list below.

Unlockables List

Now that you know how unlocking works for the different features of the game, we have compiled a list of the ones that you can acquire below. The unlockables listed are provided in order based on your progression of the game’s expedition mode as well as your account level achievements.

Fast Forward
Clear Wave 2-4
Sky City
Clear Wave 2-4
Clear Wave 2-4
Knight's Temple
Clear Wave 2-4
Black Market
Clear Wave 2-4
Clear Wave 2-8
Bounty Quests
Clear Wave 2-8
Dawn Shield
Clear Wave 2-8
Clear Wave 2-9
Trials Tower
Clear Wave 3-4
Tower Defense Slot
Clear Wave 3-15
Skip Battle Sequence
Clear Wave 4-1
Rift Dungeon
Clear Wave 4-4
Clear Wave 4-15
Shared Crystal
Clear Wave 5-1
Clear Wave 5-25
King's Arena
Clear Wave 6-30
Eudaemon Tree
Account Level 34
Arcane Ruins
Account Level 34
The Forge
Account Level 43
5th Equipment Slot
Account Level 43
Statue of Saints
Account Level 50
Void Abyss
Account Level 50
Complete 300 Royal Recruits

We hope that this list helps you in your progression of the game. Make sure to check our guide menu often since we’ll have pages provided to you that can help in learning more about Ace Defender: Dragon War. There are a lot of Heroes that you can acquire, so hopefully you’ll be able to create a formidable team soon.

This concludes our Unlockables Guide page in Ace Defender: Dragon War. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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