Levels 51-60

Levels 51-60
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Level 51

This is a surprisingly easy one for Level 51. Start in between the first two small back dots on the center row. Once the left-hand blue turret is facing to the sides, draw a curve downwards, as low as the oranges, then back up between the next two black dots. Go up above the next dot, then down again, so that you are coming underneath the first turret. In this time, the turret should be just about to start facing upwards - you want to hit it once it is facing that way.

Level 52

There is a great tip for this level which will allow you to pass it with ease. See those four blue turrets? They hold everything you need to complete the level. Start a horizontal line just above the black on the right of the board. Draw the line going from right to left, as straight as you can - aiming for the blue turrets. Essentially, it needs to hit all four turrets, without touching any of the blacks.

Level 53

Distractingly, this level looks much like the last one. But don't get confused! There's four extra reds in there which really throws a spanner in the works. Start to the right of the small black dot in the central row, the one on the left-hand side of the screen on its own. Loop up and to the left, only as high as the top of the blue turrets, stopping right in the center to the left of our dot. Then go back to the right to where you started. Next, head back to the left again, in the same way, but this time go underneath and straight down, looping around the right-hand side of the small dot that is between the two large blacks and the first large orange. Circle up its left hand side and up along the right-hand side of the first dot you started by. Go up and to the left, stopping in the middle of the first column. Head back up and to the right, aiming straight for the second turret in, which you should hit.

Levels 51-60

Level 54

Starting to the lower right-hand edge of the bottom-left black circle, in line with the blue turrets, draw straight to the left. Once you are past the left-hand corner of the circle, with a bit of clear space, draw straight up. Once half-way between the bottom-left and top-left blacks, draw to the right. Once you are the same distance away, but from the top-right hand corner, draw up. Continue this, going left at the top-right corner of the top black circle, then down at the top-left corner, right at the middle between the top and bottom circles, down at the top-right corner of the bottom circle. Continue down until you are in between the blue turrets and the blue/black ones. Head to the right, until you are above the right-most blue/black circle. Then, go straight up to hit the turret.

Levels 51-60

Level 55

Starting between the black and red circles at the top-left of the screen, draw a line down until you are level with the first set of oranges. Head to the right, stopping just short of the first orange. Next, go left as far as the edge of the left-hand side of the red above, and down at the same time, stopping in line with the second row of small oranges. Go left and down again, past the left-side of the small black dot to the left of the purple, between the two dots and the blue turret, and between the three diagonal dots and the single dot to its right. Loop underneath in a circle so that you catch as much space as possible, before heading back up the way you came. Retrace your steps, but when you pass the dot and purple in the center, continue straight up, beginning to curve right as you pass the oranges so that you physically hit the top red.

Levels 51-60

Level 56

The trick with this one is to draw five loops, starting below the first red turret on the left. Draw a curved line beginning just below it, going down a short way and back up under the second turret. The first turret should be facing left when you start. By the time you come up under the second one, it should also be facing left - slow your line if necessary. Next, dash as fast as you can draw to the red turret on the far right. You need to have looped up underneath it by the time it is facing right. Then, draw a loop down to the left, to the next turret along. That should also be facing right when you get to its bottom. With that done, draw a loop to end below the orange in the middle, and finally return to the start, physically touching the first turret once it is again facing left. Perfect timing is key for this, but with practise you will get there in the end.

Levels 51-60

Level 57

Begin at twelve o'clock above the bottom left big black circle. You should be about halfway between the two circles on that side in terms of height. Drawing clockwise, complete a full circuit of the circle, before going up and right once you reach twelve o'clock again. You want to go anti-clockwise around the top-left black circle this time. The key for this level though is to slow down at this point. The firs circle you can do as fast as you want, but here, slow things down to give the turrets time to move a couple of points. After that, continue going all the way round the circle before going straight to the right when you reach 6 o'clock. Keep going until you hit the orange circle - you should time this for when the bottom-right turret is facing to the right, so that by the time your line repeats to hit it, it is facing downwards..

Level 58

Begin at about 2 o'clock above the top, large, black circle. You should be a little way out from the edge, and begin with the top red turret is facing upwards. Go as fast as you can, once you have practised a few times. Draw straight along its top, then curve down and left, heading for the gap between the first small black dot on the left, and the left-hand larger black. Go through this gap, curving to the right beneath the large black, then curving up between the top and bottom large blacks in the first diamond. Curve down and to the right of the bottom of these blacks, going straight to the right once you reach 3 o'clock. You are now in the bottom 'diamond', made up of large blacks. Once you have reached 9 o'clock on the large black on the right, go straight up, as high as the top of the black on the left. Come straight back down, then left the way you came before, but this time go down at 3 o'clock on the left-hand large black of this lower diamond (the one with the orange circle attached). Once you are passed its bottom, with a bit of space left, hold your position for a second or two. With that done, draw straight to the left, as far as the edge of the orange above, then back to the right and up into the center of the lower diamonds once again. Finally, go to the right to where you were before, at 9 o'clock on the right-hand black, then up and left, into the top red turret.

Levels 51-60

Level 59

The easiest way to pass this level is to use black holes, which is good if you haven't experimented with them so far. To do this, you have to draw a perfect circle. Draw the first one in the top right corner, just below the top right black circle. The second should be just to the left of the left arm on the purple 'stick figure' at the bottom. In terms of actual drawing, start to the right of the left-most black circle. Draw to the right in the space that is available until you are nearly at the orange. Go diagonally up and to the left, aiming to be in the gap on the upper row, then go diagonally downwards again, stopping just to the right of the second circle in on the fourth row. Next, aim diagonally down and to the right, into the space on the seventh column, to the right of the three black circles on row seven.

Go back up and to the left, back the way you came, but this time stop in the gap on the fifth column, row five. From here, head diagonally down and to the left, finishing between rows seven and eight and in line with column three. Double back on yourself, going diagonally up and right, aiming to stop on the line of the orange circle. A right turn at the end should allow you to hit it and the pattern will play out. It should pass through the black holes and complete the board.

Levels 51-60

Level 60

Using the black hole skills that you learned in the last level, draw one in the bottom right corner of the screen, below the orange and blue circles. Draw another to the right of the four blue circles that are in a diamond shape on the left-hand side of the board. As for the lines themselves, these are easy. Start in the center of the four small dots at the top of the screen. Draw to the right until you are a short way from the large black. Then draw, up, right, down and left, to make an equidistant square around the black, but going downwards once you reach 6 o'clock. Go straight into the orange to start the pattern and complete the game!

Levels 51-60


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