How it works

How it works
Blek Guide

Blek is played by drawing lines on your touch-sensitive device's screen. The goal is to hit all of the colored circles. Initially, this is easy, when they are all in a row, you simply draw a straight line, which then repeats itself, going horizontally along the whole screen. However, before long the difficulty increases, and you have to draw much more complicated lines to reach all of the colored circles (while avoiding the black ones).

Every line that you draw in Blek repeats itself until it goes off the top or bottom of the screen, or hits a black circle. Your line can hit the sides, as it will then bounce back into the main screen. Every player has a different strategy for drawing these lines. You can try drawing rapid, jagged lines, or smooth, slow ones. Precision is much more important later in the game, but often you will just find yourself throwing lines around trying to experiment to find a solution.

There are many ways to pass each level
There are many ways to pass each level

As well as the black circles to avoid, you also have colored circles with white dots inside them. These are often rotating, and, when they are hit by one of your lines, they fire the white dots out to potentially hit other targets. Some colored circles are initially surrounded by black, and they must be hit with the white dot before you can get to the color within.

When drawing a line, if your finger touches a circle the line will stop - you need to draw the line in a clear part of the screen or, if you are precise enough, between the circles. It will then repeat indefinitely until all the circles have been popped, it goes off screen, or it hits a black circle.

So there are a few nuances to the game, but essentially it's a case of trying as many options as you can to find the answer.

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