Levels 31-40

Levels 31-40
Blek Guide


Level 31

Simply draw a straight line up and into the stationary turret.

Level 32

Draw a very slow, straight line from left to right, starting to the left of the bottom-left turret.

Level 33

Starting in the middle of the first column of black circles, in line with the bottom of the colored circles, draw up until you are in line with the top of the small colored circles, then go to the right, as close to the black circles that divide the rows as you can, until you are in the middle of the second column. Then, go to the bottom, level with how low you were before, then go back up. Go right again until you are in the third column, making sure you pass underneath the black that is in the middle. Once back at the bottom, let go of the screen and allow the pattern to repeat.

Levels 31-40

Level 34

This one is all about timing. When the left-most turret has its white dots facing vertically, draw a U, starting in the center of the first column, into the center of the third (where the first turret is. If you have timed it correctly, the U should repeat, hitting each turret, and their dots should fire out and hit all of the red circles.

Level 35

This is an easy one. Hit the turret when the dot is facing directly to the left, but at such an angle that the line doesn't carry on and hit the black outline.

Level 36

For this one, visualize that you are drawing a curvy m, but the first peak of the m should be much higher than the second. Starting just above the very first black circle, draw the first peak, reaching up high above the two highest purple circles. Bring it back down and then draw the second peak, coming only as high as three top orange circles. It should then repeat and take care of all of the rest.

Levels 31-40

Level 37

Begin above the first of the higher black circles, and draw a line going beneath the next high black circle. It should then begin to go straight down, past the central row, then curve underneath to the left. You want to be drawing a figure of eight almost. Continue down and then curl round to the right to draw the bottom of the 8. The line should then pass just to the right of the fourth small black circle on the middle row, before curving back up and to the right to hit the orange circle.

Levels 31-40

Level 38

Start off in between the second and third central black circles (going from left to right). Draw a curved line up and to the left, as far over as the first black and as high as the middle of the large orange circles. Then, draw back exactly the way you just came, until you are right where you started. You then need to draw down and to the left, in exactly the same way - like a mirrored image. Again, go back to the middle along the same route. Next, go down and to the right, before returning to the middle. Finally, go to the right as far as the fourth small black circle, and then downwards into the center of the gap. This should be enough to clear the level.

Level 39

Draw a diagonal line from just above the first high black circle, heading towards the top of the first large black. Before you reach it, draw a semi circle going clockwise around the large black and the small circle to the right - the right-hand side of your circle should be roughly halfway between the small black circles numbered four and five. Continue the semi circle until you are in line with the large black again, but underneath it. From here, draw a straight line downwards, about halfway towards the bottom of the screen. Curve back on yourself, and thread through the small gap between the large black and the small black to its right. Continue straight up, curving at the top to hit the orange.

Levels 31-40

Level 40

For this level, you need to draw an 'm' with an elongated middle. Beginning in between circles two and three, draw a line curving up and to the right, just as high as the two purple circles above the middle of the board - that is the first peak of the 'm'. For the middle, you should then come down between the small black circles three and four, going straight down to be in line with the bottom orange. Go straight back up the way you came, until your line passes back through the center of the board. Draw the last peak of the 'm' from here, as high as the first one, and ending in the middle of the third column. Let go of the screen so that the pattern repeats.


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