Image Key and Descriptions

Image Key and Descriptions
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We have provided images for some of the more tricky puzzles, to help accompany the text and show you where to be drawing the lines. This page should tell you everything you need to know about what's on them.

Bear in mind that the lines have been recreated, so some may look straighter than you can draw in the game. They are intended to give you a general view of where to put your lines, which is easier than trying to watch a YouTube video and follow along at the same time.

In some images, there is a red cross. This indicates the starting position. 'Columns' are the vertical lines of circles going down the screen, while rows are the horizontal ones. The 'board' is another name for the screen.

'Circles' can mean any of the black or colored shapes in Blek. When 'dots' are mentioned, that refers to the smallest of the black circles.

'Battlements' are the line type indicated in the image below.

Image Key and Descriptions


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