Levels 41-50

Levels 41-50
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Level 41

Starting directly above the first black circle, begin to draw anti-clockwise. Once you reach the top again, draw diagonally to the right and up so that you go straight at the first blue circle.

Level 42

This level is all about precision. Begin to the right of the last circle covered in black - almost as far right as you can go. Draw anticlockwise around the first circle, starting at about 5 o'clock and quite wide, going very close to the left-hand side of this first circle, before widening again as you come back towards the top. The line should then go straight to the left, over the top of the second black-bordered circle, and then dip so that your line ends just below the first blue turret. Finish by drawing to the left, up and into the turret itself. It will take a lot of goes to get this one exactly right - if you go too fast, your line will hit the last black-bordered blue - but go to slowly or imprecisely and the turrets will take each other out.

Levels 41-50

Level 43

From the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, between the two corner circles, draw a diagonal line going up and to the right, stopping to the left of the left-most purple circle. You should then draw straight across to the left, as far over as the left-most column, before going up diagonally right again. Keep going until your line is between the second and third black circles in the top line (from left to right), occupying the space left there. It should then go diagonally downwards to be just below the second row of circles in the direction of the first purple, before going straight vertically down to the bottom row of the screen. Finally, go to the right to hit the purple circle there and start the cycle.

Level 44

Starting at the top of the first column, between the first four black circles, draw downwards until you are in the middle of the third row. Next, draw back up, until you are in line with the top blue. From here, draw a square - going right one column, down a row, left a column, up a row, and finally right into the top blue.

Level 45

This level has the potential to confuse you, but in fact, you don't actually need to use the purple turrets at all. Starting in the fourth column (the one next to the first turret) in the center of the board, draw straight up so that you are in line with the blues at the top. Then draw back down, to be in line with the blues at the bottom. Return to the center, then draw into the first turret.

Level 46

Begin just to the right of the first black dot on the center line. Draw a tall curved V shape, as high as the oranges, coming back down between the second and third dots. It then needs to loop underneath the second dot, going just as low as the bottom oranges, and returning to the middle back where you started. Then, go up and back over the top of the second dot, retracing previous ground, but in a lower and more curved arc. Finish in between the second and third dots.

Levels 41-50

Level 47

Start above the left-most black dot, roughly in line with the bottom row of purples. Draw diagonally into the center of the three dots on the lower part of the screen. Next, go diagonally from the center to the bottom-left, creating a mirror of where you started - you are drawing a X shape almost. Return to the center, and go to the bottom-right, in the same manner. Go back to the middle, again, and strike out diagonally up and right, completing the X, but continue going until you hit the top-left purple.

Level 48

Starting just to the right of the uppermost black circle (the one on the left hand-side), draw a diagonal line going down and to the left. It should stop halfway between the second and third black circles on the middle row. Next, draw a mirror image of that line, going down and to the right. Once you are in line with the lower of the smaller black circles, draw a line straight up, leaning slightly leftwards, finishing just above the top of the highest purple. Finally, draw a diagonal line going down and to the right, stopping on the right hand side of the top blue.

Level 49

You need to start between the four black dots in the top left-hand corner of the screen, or more precisely, between the two on the left in the first column. Draw a line straight to the right, ending just off the edge of the large black circle that is in line with the smaller ones. Draw a circle around it, going clockwise all the way until you have reached the point that you first got to the large circle. After that, you just need to draw a long line going straight downwards, stopping in line with the orange and blue - draw a small way towards the orange, but not all the way - allowing the pattern to repeat.

Levels 41-50

Level 50

Draw a circle, starting at 3 o'clock on the clock face, going anti-clockwise around the top-right black circle. Once you have been all the way round and are back at 3 o'clock, draw over the top and onwards to the top-left circle. Draw a full circle around it, and when you are going down the left-hand side for the second time, continue down to the middle-left black. Go to the right of the orange and anti-clockwise around this one. As you come back to the top of this circle, go back up to the left-hand side of the top-left black again. Bend over the top and back to where you started, but continue past 3 o'clock and go straight down into the first blue. Make sure you allow the pattern time to continue all the way, as it will look as though it has missed one of the purples if you are too hasty.

Levels 41-50


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