Levels 21-30

Levels 21-30
Blek Guide


Level 21

Draw elongated steps down from the top of the screen, or, large castle battlements in line with the bottom set of circles.

Level 22

Draw steps going downwards from the top of the screen.

Level 23

Draw a semi-circle around the left-most black from left to right, stopping just before the first blue.

Level 24

Draw a H shape, starting in the (middle of the first side of the H) in the black circles to the left, but make sure you draw a horizontal line to the right so that it continues through the blue circles to the right.

Levels 21-30

Level 25

Starting in the left-hand side of the first cross, draw to the right so that your line goes beyond the right side of the first cross. Then, double back to the middle of the cross, before drawing up and then down until you have covered the entire length of it. Finish by returning to the center and drawing to the right, and it should repeat off and hit the colored circles.

Level 26

Beginning to the left of the first two black circles, draw a tall curved line, going from left to right, stopping just below and in between the first and second sets of black circles. Next, draw a much shorter, shallowed curve that stops at the first colored circle. The line should repeat so that it skips the blacks but hits the colors.

Levels 21-30

Level 27

Starting just below and in between the first two black circles, your line should go above the next black, then underneath the one after, and finally up and into the first color.

Level 28

Starting in line with the lowest purple, between black circles two and three, draw straight up until you are in line with the top orange. Then go to the right and come back down between blacks three and four - in a castle battlement style. Once as low as before, go right until below the oranges, then let go and allow the pattern to continue.

Levels 21-30

Level 29

Draw a diagonal line up and to the right, starting in between black circles two and three. It should go up as high as the top of the highest purple, and as far right as the center between blacks three and four. There, draw straight down as low as the bottom purple, then straight back up again to the same height as before. From there, draw diagonally down and to the right, into the first orange.

Levels 21-30

Level 30

Simple compared to the last level, start in the center of the board, in between blacks two and three. Go straight up untl level with the top orange, then to to right and back down through the second column until in line with the bottom orange. Continue to the right until over the third column, then go back up to the top orange. Repeat this until you hit the purple and start the cycle repeating. Your line may have to bounce off the right-hand wall and come back to hit all of the targets.


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