Levels 11-20

Levels 11-20
Blek Guide


Level 11

A very easy level - just draw a vertical line.

Level 12

Draw the castle battlements - a series of squares without bottoms - to get all of these circles.

Levels 11-20

Level 13

Starting at the bottom of the screen, start drawing steps so that they repeat themselves and hit all the targets.

Level 14

Starting in line with the lowest blue circle, and three columns to the left, draw a one-column wide line going to the right, then draw up three squares and back down. It will repeat itself and knock out all the colored circles.

Levels 11-20

Level 15

Begin a few columns to the left and in line with the top of the colored circles. Draw some U shapes, two squares high.

Level 16

Draw a curve that goes as high as the top of the colored circles, then dips down between the black ones to hit the lower ones.

Level 17

Starting between the first two black circles, in line with them, draw a large circle that loops back around the first black, then goes underneath the second one before looping back behind it - this set of circles will repeat, going around and behind each of the black circles to knock out all of the colored ones.

Level 18

Draw a wavy line that starts to the left of the first black circle, then goes underneath it, and curves up between the first two blacks. It should then begin to curve down before the first purple circle. If done correctly it will continue on and hit all the others.

Level 19

Starting in line with the top left purple circle, but one column to the left, draw straight downwards, then back up, past your starting point and above the black circle that is up and to the left of the first purple. Head to the right once you pass it, then begin to draw back down towards the purple itself.

Levels 11-20

Level 20

This level features a rotating turret. You need to wait until the two dots are in line with the two blue circles, then draw your line up towards the orange one from the bottom of the screen. If timed correctly, you will hit the purple and the white dots will carry on and knock out the other two targets.


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