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Travel Town from Magmatic Games, is a new for 2021 merge and unlock game set initially on the beach where you have to get items and merge them to complete quests to complete the construction of a Town. The game has similar mechanics to other popular merge games such as Merge Matters and Merge Mansion , so anyone familiar with those games will certainly have a head start when it comes to working out Travel Town.

We've been playing the game, and have come up with some Travel Town Tips and strategies to help you keep going when you have run out of energy, how to maximise your free coins, and have put together a load of Travel Town questions and answers on where and how to find a ton of items in the game.

Travel Town Cheats and Tips

There are no tap in Travel Town cheats that we know of in this game. Maybe at some point someone will design a hack to get free energy and gems, but if they do we would be staying away from it for a number of reasons which include the possibility of getting banned from the game or having our device compromised by malware.

We can offer however some Travel Town tips and strategies, you can find these below.

1. Follow the Quest List

There is a quest list at the top of the game which tells you what items need to be crafted. It's best to try to target these items initially as it's the best way of getting coins so you can repair the buildings in your towns and get the XP that you need to level up.

2. Use all of your energy

When you log into the game you may as well use all of your energy as when you are under 100 it comes back anyway for free at a rate of 1 per 30 seconds.

3. Merge Energy to get more

When you get an energy chest, try not to consume the energy that comes out of it until you have maxed it out. Energy maxes out at level 5 when it will start to flash. Consume it at level 5 for 100 energy. To give you a comparison if you consume 2 level 4 energies, you'll only get 80 energy in total.

Free Energy
Free Energy

4. Merge Your Coins Before Tapping Them

As with energy, it's best to merge your coins before you collect them. Coins also max out at level 5. If you are running out of space then drag items to your spare inventory space.

Travel Town Store For Gems, Energy and Items
Travel Town Store For Gems, Energy and Items

5. Inventory

As well as your board slots you can also purchase with gems more spare inventory spaces. Initially, this is a good use of your gems but the more slots you purchase, the more expensive the slots will become until it's probably not worth it anymore.

6. One things at a time

If you try to get items from too many things at once you may find that you run out of spaces on your board, it's best to focus on one line of items at a time. If you do find you have run out of space on your board and inventory, you can tap an item, then select the dollar symbol to sell it and free up a space.

7. Look out for Rare Items

There are a few rare items in the game. One of the most controversial of these is the Mysterious Letter. You get this letter from the shell bucket, but it does not some out very often. I've read about instances of people starting their game over because they've got zero letters! With the Mysterious Letters, you can merge it eventually to an island and get Mysterious Fossil pieces, which is a very early quest, which often is never finished by a lot of players!

8. Play The Events

Event boards come up from time to time, a really good reason to play the events is that the energy used is not the same as the energy used in the main line of the game. But you can get quite a few gem rewards for completing event tasks, so all in all, these events can be a good way to get free gems, which can then be used in the main game.

How to Get Items?

We've put together a number of Travel Town Questions on how to get particular items in the game. Some may still need some answers, so if there are any good players of Travel Town out there, feel free to post your answers to any questions.

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