Merge Matters: Home renovation game with a twist

Merge Matters Cheats and Tips

Merge Matters: Home renovation game with a twist
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Merge Matters: Home renovation game with a twist

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Merge Matters, formerly known as Mergescapes is a familiar looking home based merge game where you have to renovate a dilapidated home by finding items and merging them to create the items you need for specific tasks. The game is a lot of fun and really relaxing to play, here you'll find our top Merge Matters tips to help you get the most out of this game.

Merge Matters Cheats and Tips

This is a really cool game, and we are pleased to say we've got a few tips that hopefully will help you along in the game. Some tips on how to get items, how to get free energy and more.

First a word on Merge Matters cheats, basically there are no cheats in this game. We would advise you to stay away from websites that may offer cheats and hacks for Merge Matters or offers of unlimited energy or unlimited gems. These things don't exist in the game, and running a hack tool for Merge Matters (if one exists) will likely lead to problems in the game, or even worse, problems with your Google account.

Now the tips!

1. Getting More Energy
Sooner or later you'll find your self out of energy in Merge Matters. There are some items that will give you an energy refill, merge these whenever you can before using them for an even bigger energy boost.

2. Target the items you need
You only have limited energy and energy is used to get items, so it makes sense that you focus on the items that you need first from your task list.

3. Don't over merge!
It's very easy to take the merge of an item too far and pass the level at which you need an item. Especially in the beginning stages of the game, you may find you need an item, then after you get it, continue to merge, because you have the parts but take it too far and then your item will just be sitting in the inventory for a long time possibly taking up a slot.

4. Sell items to make space
If you are out of space in the garage, and have filled up your inventory slots, consider selling items if you have no more space and a lot of energy to use up. Before anything is sold though make sure you have nothing left that you want to merge first.

5. Purchase more inventory slots
Your inventory, the open box item at the bottom of the game screen, will hold extra slots for you in storage, you can use coins to purchase more slots, this is a good thing to spend your excess coins on.
Purchase more inventory slots
Purchase more inventory slots

6. Merge the Blue Stars
Blue stars give you extra experience when the are used. It's best to merge them first before using them, unless you are close to the next level and want to grab those next level rewards quickly.

How to Get Free Energy

Games which rely on you having energy in order to play the game can be frustrating, and Merge Matters is no different. There are limited ways to get free energy.
Merge Matters Free Energy
Merge Matters Free Energy

You can get energy in your slots, if you don't need the energy right away, and you have the available space, it's best to leave these energy tokens on the board, or in your inventory until you get more. Because if you merge them, the result will be increased energy which is greater than the sum of the two individual energies that you merge.

Energy does replenish naturally over time, but it does take a while to get to the maximum, 100. If you tap the energy bar at the top you can see that you can also purchase energy for gems, and also sometimes watch video ads in return for some energy, if ads are available.

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I love the game but think that the amount of energy required to clear items are way to high.
3.5 / 5.0

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