Merge Mansion - The Mansion Full of Mysteries

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Merge Mansion - The Mansion Full of Mysteries
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Version: 1.3.4 | $2.49 - $119.99 per item

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Merge Mansion is the merge matching game set in a mansion. The idea is that you create items needed to clean up your mansion by merging items in your garage, which has limited space! There are loads of special items to help you along the way and the game starts of pretty gently but soon introduces loads of items to keep you interested. Check out below our Merge Mansion tips aimed at beginners to the game. We've also got a set of Merge Mansion answers, and the facility to ask your own question about the game if you are stuck.

Merge Mansion Tips

1. Merge Everything
Keep merging whenever you can, especially coins and blue stars as this will get you better rewards.
Keep Merging
Keep Merging

2. Check the shop
Even if you don't intend to purchase anything, take a look at the daily deals, free box and flash sale in case there is anything there you need that you may be able to grab for a few gems.
Merge Mansion Shop
Merge Mansion Shop

3. When you seen a green dot you've got a usable item
In the garage, once you see a green dot next to an item, it means you've got an item that you can use in one of your tasks. So check the task list to get that task done with the item.

4. Maxed Lamps give out moth
Combine moths from the maxed lamp, and they will eventually merge to provide other useful items for thread

5. Combine your chests and piggybanks
If you can, combine your chests and piggybanks for even better rewards

6. Look out for events
The events will often bring in special items that you can't normally get in order to complete a task.
Check the task list to know what items you need to find
Check the task list to know what items you need to find

7. Watch out for special items
There are special items which appear that you may not realise what they do immediately, or seem to have no apparent effect, such an item is the Time Skip Booster. This will allow you to make the unlock time for items go faster, which is really useful, so make sure you don't delete these!

Check out our answers page for more combos, and other questions that have been sent in to us. Post your own question there for extra help with Merge Mansion.
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I like this game but I have spent some actual money on it as I have been stuck a couple of times. The cleaning cabinet is your best friend - don’t sell off any of the nuts/bolts, brass handles or hinges - you need them all to upgrade your cabinets! For XP stars and coins they are worth a lot more ..
4.0 / 5.0

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