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Star Wars: Commander Guide

Star Wars: Commander Guide


For players familiar with the combat strategy genre, Star Wars Commander will seem like an old friend. If you've ever played Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, or similar, you will feel right at home here. While Disney's entry in to the genre is more than just a re-skin, it does share nearly all the gameplay fundamentals of Supercell's games. If you're new to the genre, this guide will aim to ease you into it, giving you the basics required to hold your own against other players, as well as allowing you to pick up some lesser-known hints and tips to get the better of them.

For anyone who loves Star Wars, this ranks as a must-play, freemium game. It has fully licensed music, characters and environments, which actually make the game even easier to get into. Rather than having to work out what each unit does, you will have a fairly good idea if you've watched all the films and taken an interest in the lore. The game is likely to have regular updates from Disney as more time passes since the August 2014 launch.

Feel free to leave your own comments, hints, tips and strategies for success at Star Wars Commander in the comments section of each page.

Star Wars: Commander Guide


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