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Star Wars: Commander Cheats and Tips

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Star Wars: Commander Walkthrough

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Top 10 Hints and Tips
Top 10 Hints and Tips
Build a Third Droid (Save your Crystals) The game tries to get you to spend your Crystals at every opportunity. To rush building production, ..
Top 5 Attacking Strategies
Top 5 Attacking Strategies
Anti-turrets The biggest danger early in the game when you are attacking an enemy base is that your weaker units (of which most of the early ones ..
Top 5 Base Layouts
Top 5 Base Layouts
Strong Core For this base, build a wall around your HQ and a few turrets. This is most players' favored layout early on in the game when you don't ..
Next Steps
Next Steps
Once you have passed the tutorial, you should focus on a few key areas. Most importantly, try to upgrade all of your resource collectors and ensure ..
Upon first starting the game, you will be presented with a lengthy tutorial section. Anyone familiar with games of this genre such as Clash of Clans ..

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Star Wars: Commander FAQs

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How can you have both a rebel and an imperial base without starting over?

You have multiple accounts (2 devices) very simple

I don't know if this question is bloody stupid, but how do I donate troops to the squad that I belong to?

You have to wait until another player in the squad requests troops. You'll see a number highlighted in red on the pullout on the right of the screen notifying you of squad updates. Sometimes these will be people requesting troops. Just click on the "Donate" button.

How do I create Defensive troops?

All you need to do is request troops from your squad but don't use them and when you're attacked your squad center has an attack range just like a turret so when enemy troops enter the donated troops will come out of the squad center.

When upgrading starship command can you still rebuild starships?

No, you can not commission starship during an upgrade of your starship command.

In the squad screen - what does the "t" stand for beside the amount of medals

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Begun, the Clone War has
Begun, the Clone War has
Star Wars Commander is the latest in a long line of Clash of Clans clones, but catches the attention due to it having possibly the best license in the industry. One of ..Read full review
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