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How it works

How it works
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In a similar fashion to other combat strategy games of this sort, there is a base management part to Star Wars Commander, and an offensive, military one. The base management requires you to construct resource collectors and storage, barracks so that you can train troops, transports, so that you can send them to fight, and defensive structures, like turrets, walls and shield generators.

Keeping all these upgraded sufficiently so that enemy armies don't just rip through your base is one of the most challenging aspects to the game. There is a definite strategy to how your base is laid out - where do you put the walls? Which buildings do you put in the safest locations? Where should the turrets be positioned? All this is well worth considering, and will be addressed later in this guide.

How it works

As for the offensive aspect, we have already mentioned the troops that you are required to train in your faction's barracks. Once these have been trained, they will take position on the Unit Transports, and you will be able to either attack other human players, or take on some of the AI enemies that the game presents to you.

There is a full campaign mode, which walks you through the basics and makes sure you don't forget to do something - some of the missions involve upgrading turrets or your barracks, so these ensure you don't overlook any of these aspects. You are also handsomely rewarded for taking part, so it's well worth using them where possible.

Once you have your troops in the transport, you are presented with the enemy base and can pick where to deploy your units. Like with defending, there are many questions to consider. Which units do you place first? Do you pair some types with others, or deploy them all individually? Where do you put them? What is your main target?

You are also allowed to use air attacks in the missions, and once unlocked against other players - these let you target specific buildings or units with potentially devastating attacks. You can't place units too close to enemy structures, so you have to put a bit of thought into where to put them.

How it works

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