Spotlight X: Room Escape

Level 11 - Blackout

Level 11 - Blackout
Spotlight X: Room Escape Guide

This is a full walkthrough for Level 11 of Spotlight X Room escape - Blackout, the sixth level in Chapter 2.

After escaping the Church in Level 10 you are now in a basement.
Level 11 - Blackout

First tap the left arrow to see stairs up but they are blocked by a gate.
Level 11 - Blackout

Go to the right again and tap the room ahead to move forward.
Level 11 - Blackout

Collect a painting from the bottom left by the tires. Then tap to view the pile of boxes on the back left.
Level 11 - Blackout

Collect the red Valve wheel, and a bucket from the ground.
Back up and tap the arrow on the left to view the left corner of the room.
Level 11 - Blackout

From the shelves, collect an Empty Pot and some seeds.
On the floor to the right of the table by a post is an Axe to collect.
Tap to view the locked box on the table. You cannot open it yet but you can collect a wire next to it.
Level 11 - Blackout

Also tap to view the picture on the left wall, this is a clue.
Level 11 - Blackout

Turn back to the right and tap to view the right side of the room with the blocked doorway.
Level 11 - Blackout

On the floor to the left is some loose earth. Use the empty pot on this to collect some.
You now have a pot with earth.
Add the seeds to the pot in the inventory and you now have a Pot with seed.
Level 11 - Blackout

Now tap to view the steps below the doorway.
Level 11 - Blackout

Tap on the middle step to move the tread and collect a key.
Next view the blocked doorway closely.
Level 11 - Blackout

Select the Axe and use it to break the planks.
Use the key to unlock the door and tap to enter the pantry.
Level 11 - Blackout

From the left shelf, collect a Rasp.
Then from the right self tap the apples to collect a 'Box with apples'. Then tap the top shelf to collect a Camera Part.

Tap the doors in front of you to open them, collect a second Painting.
Level 11 - Blackout

Back out the main room, then tap to view a panel on the left wall.
Level 11 - Blackout

Tap again to view the rusted switch on the right.
Level 11 - Blackout

Use the wire on this to connect it to the panel. Then tap the switch to open the panel.
Back up and you can now collect a Fork from the open dumb waiter.
Level 11 - Blackout

Combine the fork and the Rasp in your inventory and you will get a Lock Pick.
Now back up and turn to the left again.

In the top left corner of the room above the picture on the wall, is a Camera Mount. Add the camera part to this.
Star Secret: Camera - Retribution.

Now tap the table again to see the locked box.
Level 11 - Blackout

Use the lock pick on it and you can then open the lid.
View the panel inside to start a puzzle.
Level 11 - Blackout

You need to set the value of each button to make them all turn green. Follow the instructions on the left., nmote that some have > or < signs next between them.
Solution: Level 11 - BlackoutShow

Now collect the Wrench from inside the box.

Back out the right and view the right side of the room by the pantry door.
Then tap the large pipe on the right to view the red valve socket.
Level 11 - Blackout

Add the red valve wheel to the socket, then select the wrench and use it on the valve wheel to attach it.
Tap the valve and water will run from the tap.
Level 11 - Blackout

Use the bucket on the flowing water to fill it.

Star Secret: Apples - Safety First. Use the apple on the flowing water.
Star Secret: Earth- New Life. Use the Pot with Seed on the flowing water.

Now back up and view the dumb waiter panel on the left of the room again. Add the bucket of water to it.
You can then collect a key.
Level 11 - Blackout

Now back right up to the starting position.
Tap the far right wall here to see a wall with 1 painting.
Level 11 - Blackout

Add the 2 paintings that you have collected to it.
Level 11 - Blackout

You should now arrange the painting sin the correct places. Tap pairs of pictures to swap them. Drag to rotate individual paintings.
Hint: there is another picture found above with a clue.
Solution: Level 11 - Blackout
From the triangular picture, red top center, blue bottom left. Orange pointing bottom right.

This opens the gate on the left side.
Level 11 - Blackout

Tap to go up the stairs, collect the Costume and the Mask from the left.
Level 11 - Blackout

Now use the key to unlock the door. Make your escape

You have completed Blackout. We now wait for the next level to be released.
We hope this guide helped you, if you have any questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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