Spotlight X: Room Escape

Spotlight X: Room Escape

Level 7 - Shadow
Spotlight X: Room Escape Guide

Level 7 - Shadow

This is a walkthrough for Level 7 of Spotlight X Room escape - Shadow, the second level in Chapter 2. You made it out of the locked cell and security office in Level 6 and now you are in a further corridor area.

Level 7 - Shadow

First tap on the shelf to the far right to collect a paper with a triangle shape diagram. (pointing right)

Then tap to collect the fire extinguisher from the wall on the left.

Tap to move forward and view the blocked doors at the far end. Notice the large red triangle, pointing up.
Level 7 - Shadow

From the shelves to the right tap the lower shelf to collect a towel.

Tap the box on the lower left to view it, tap the paper below the box to collect it, then tap to open the box and collect some wire cutters.
Level 7 - Shadow

Star secret: Use the fire extinguisher and tap the camera above the doors to the top left to disable it.

Use the fire extinguisher to try to break down the double doors. This breaks the glass panels. Tap to collect a shard of glass from the left and a key from the right.

Look to the left to view a single white door.
Level 7 - Shadow

Use the Fire extinguisher here as well to break the center glass panel and then tap the broken door to open it.

Level 7 - Shadow

Inside this storage cupboard tap the blue box to the right of the 3rd shelf top open it and then collect a handle.
While the box is open you can tap to view the underside of the lid. This is a clue.
Level 7 - Shadow

Level 7 - Shadow

On the shelf to the left of this box tap to collect a Hacksaw (no blade)
Tap on the very top right corner shelf to collect a spray bottle of Cleaner.

Next in the upper left are some 'wires' hanging. Use the wire cutter here to collect a 'Wire'

Star Secret: On the lower shelf is a safe with the words "it's empty" on it. Guess the code to open it.
Level 7 - Shadow

Hint: Notice that the 0 button is quite wornShow.
Solution: Enter the code 0000Show to open it.

Back out of the cupboard and tap on the triangle picture to the left of the door to remove it. Notice the triangle shape is pointing down.

In the gap behind the picture use and place the handle, then tap the handle to flip the switch.

Star secret: Back up to the initial view and tap on the cardboard box to the lower right below the window. Use the shard of glass to open this and collect a note.

From the initial view tap the stairs to the left to view an electrified gate at the top.
Level 7 - Shadow

Tap the wall box on the right to view it. Then use the wire to complete the missing wire section at the top.
Level 7 - Shadow

Now tap the box itself to view a puzzle.
Level 7 - Shadow

The clue to solve this is on a paper found earlier. To open the box you need to set the correct digit on all 9 buttons to the left. At anytime you can tap the red button to check which digits are correct and the lights below and to the right of the buttons will light up to tell you how many of the digits on each row and column are correct.
Unfortunately you only have 10 tries to get it right as show by the counter in the top right. Once the tries run out the puzzle will reset to a new combination.
Start by tapping the red button to see if any of the 0's that are set are correct. If you get lights you can see where the correct digits are. Next change the rest of the (wrong) buttons to 1 and try again. Continue this process to try to find all the correct digits before the turns run out. If you don't then start again.
The solution will be different every time.
Level 7 - Shadow

Once done all the lights will be on and you will be able to open the box. Inside is a switch to activate. Use this to turn off the power to the gate.
Level 7 - Shadow

Then use the cleaner on the open door and then the towel to clean it and reveal a triangle shape. (pointing left)
Level 7 - Shadow

Return to the cupboard and tap on the red tool box on a lower shelf to the right. This has a 4 digit code entry.
Hint: Notice the triangle above and below the input, this is a clue. Check back above to find other triangle clues.Show
Solution: The box lid shows an order of 4 triangle directions. Find the images of triangles found above and in each count the number of triangles shown.
1: Up - Door has 1 triangle
2: Left - Wall box has diagram with 3 triangles
3: Down - Picture on wall points down and you can count 8 total triangles.
4: Right - Paper has 5 triangles.

Code: 1385Show

Open the box and collect a hacksaw blade. Combine this with the hacksaw above.

Return to the barred doorway at the top of the stairs. Use the hacksaw on this to remove the bars.
Level 7 - Shadow

Now you can use the key to open the door and escape.

Next we wait for the release of level 8. If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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