Spotlight X: Room Escape

Spotlight X: Room Escape

Level 6 - Lights Off
Spotlight X: Room Escape Guide

Level 6 - Lights Off

This is a walkthrough for Level 6 of Spotlight X Room escape - Lights Off, the fist level in Chapter 2. You made it out of the bedroom in Level 5 to complete chapter 1 but the hooded figure was waiting for you and now you are again waking up in a locked cell.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Tap to get up and view the cell doors in front of you.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Tap on the right to collect a pipe from the wall. Next tap the bars on the where there is a rope around 1 of them to collect th rope. Finally, tap the step below the center of the cell bars to collect a hook.

Combine the hook and the rope to join them then use this and tap on the key that is laying on the floor to the right hand side out side the bars. You can now collect the key.

Use the key to open the cell door and exit in the the door. The door in front is chained shut.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Tap on the lower shelf on the left to view a safe. Tap to collect the wrench from under the left of the safe.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Back up and tap the right arrow to view a desk area with monitors.
Level 6 - Lights Off

On the lower right is a black vent cover, tap to view this then use the wrench to open it. Collect a 'detail' item.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Next tap the right hand desk to view a radio and a box with a puzzle. Tap to view the box.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Use the 'detail' piece and place it on the puzzle. You now need to solve this by arranging the pieces so that the added 'detail' with the arrow can exit the puzzle on the right.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Once done the box will open and you can collect a key (black tag).

Back up to the view of the chained door and now tap on the top of the shelves to the left to view the filing cabinets.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Collect another key from the top shelf on the left.

Next use the key with the black tag to open the fling cabinet drawer, second down on the left. Tap to collect a stencil.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Back up to the view of the chained door and tap the map on the board to the right of the door. Find the paper with the 9 numbers.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Use the stencil on the paper to cover and reveal 4 numbers. This is a clue for a combination.
Hint: You can rotate the stencil to show different numbers.Show
Solution: Rotate it to the right to that the small circle on the stencil is nearest to the 'I am here' circle on the map.Show

Back up and return to the lower shelf to find the safe again. Open the safe.
Hint: the map and stencil above revealed 4 numbers. Each number had dots next to it.Show
Solution: 9763Show

Open the safe and collect a canister of liquid nitrogen
Note the message on the safe door.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Star Secret: Use the pipe to hit a break the camera to the top left corner of the chained door.

Tap the chained door to view the lock. Then use the liquid nitrogen on it to freeze it. Then use the Pipe to break the padlock.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Next tap to the right of the now open door to find a red button and key hole. Use your remaining key here and tap to turn it. Press the red button to turn on the light on the other side of the door.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Now tap the door to go through to the corridor.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Tap on the boxes on the floor to the left to collect a paper. View this to get a clue.
X *100+3156Show

Next tap on the floor to the right to collect a cable.

Return to the previous room and view the desks again.
First tap near the center of the desks to view a phone. Collect a Key Card from under it.

Star secret:. Tap the buttons 911 on the phone to try to call for help. No Response.

Tap on the monitor on the left desk to view it. There is a cable missing.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Use the cable on it and then you be asked to enter a 4 digit code. Notice the note on the screen with the crossed out lightbulb.

Back up and use the button by the door to turn the corridor lights off again. Tap the door to go into the corridor and find a number clue on the doors, and a lot of X symbols on the walls.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Return to the desk screen. First you need to enter the card number. Find this on the key card.
Then click Activate.

Star Secret Tap the star in the top right to move to the CCTV Control Panel screen. Enter a 4 digit code found from clues above.
Hint: Count the stars on the walls = 12
Use the paper clue to get a 4 digit number.

Solution: 12 * 100 = 1200 + 3156 = 4356Show
Tap the Bin icon on the lower right to delete the recordings.

Return to the corridor and use the key card on the doors at the end to open them. You can now tap the open doors to complete the level.
Level 6 - Lights Off

Next we wait for the release of level 7. If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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