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Item Locations

Item Locations
Sorcery! 3 Guide


NOTE- These locations will only be accurate if you don't already possess the item in the first place.

Black Face Mask

A. - At the ruined temple of Throff (in the Klatta-ban Steppes, to the west of the beacon), you can find a trapdoor that leads to a cell. Search the room (before freeing the priest) to find the mask.

B. - Close to the northwestern beacon you will find a head stuck in the mud. Digging him up may result in him giving you a Black Facemask, but only if you lost your Black Facemask at the whirlpool location close to Shadrack’s hut.

Gold-Backed Mirror

In the Forest of Snatta, head north from the beacon to find a Hut. Sleep here and awake the next morning to meet Alizii. After speaking with her, accompany the girl to Fenestra’s hut and persuade her to steal a magical item inside.

Green Ring

A. Given by the Sorceress Bria (southeast of Shadrack's hut) if you counter all her spells correctly.

B. Also southeast of Shadrack’s hut, but this time in the present. Find Bria’s tombstone at the top of the mountain, then cast a RES spell and pour Holy Water into the small pipe. Resurrecting her allows some additional dialogue and information, however after she collapses you will be able to grab the Green Ring on her finger (unless she already gave it to you).


In Shadrack's cave after talking to him.

Pearl Ring

A. From the merchant at the Black Elf caravan. You can buy it, or cause a distraction and steal it.

B. Close to the northwestern beacon you'll find a head stuck in the mud. If your character is female, you can dig up the head to receive a Pearl Ring and some marriage...

Brass Pendulum

From the merchant at the Black Elf caravan.

Crystal Orb

A. Dropped by the Moon Serpent after killing him.

B. From the merchant at the Black Elf caravan.

Staff of Oak Sapling

A. Traveling through the northwestern part of the map, usually near the mountain range, you'll run into a Gnome (the Sham). If you give her a magic item (Giant tooth or a Sun Jewel) she will transform to her true form, and eventually give you the staff. Alternatively, if you already know her real identity (either from reading a scroll in the Black Elf Caravan or by a listening to one of the Serpents) you won’t have to give any item.

B. In Lake Iklala, on the northeastern island, walk inland to find a young oak tree. Attempt to climb the tree.

Jewel-Studded Medallion

A. searching the wreckage of Fenestra's hut, after you break the orb there and kill the Sun Serpent.

B. South of the Forest of Snatta, you'll find a pole with a meditating man on top of it. He'll give you a medallion before his inevitable demise.

C. If you have a fistful of gems (From the well by the destroyed temple, you can take them to the Klattaman village, where one of the more gifted Klattamen will turn them into a medaillon.

Jewel of Gold

A. Walking through the swamp, you’ll randomly come across a Jewel of Gold lying in the mud.

B. Tinpang, in the lower city (east) you'll find a sleeping cat. Cast HOT here to reveal a Jewel of Gold.

C. After visiting the meditating man on the pole (2.9B on this list), you can travel to the northwestern corner of the Forest of Snatta, and climb in a tree, to find another Jewel of Gold.

D. Sleeping in an insecure location Klatta-Ban Steppes, you will be awoken by a group of Klattamen. You can either kill them, or cast GOD - even though you don’t have a Jewel of Gold, the spell will interact with the one they are carrying and they will hand it over to you as they leave. Killing them gives you some extra gold and some Sand.

Rock Demon Tooth

A. Southeast of Shadrack’s hut (but in the present time), walking towards and up the mountain, you’ll be caught in an avalanche. Wait it out to find a Rock Demon. It drops a Rock Demon Tooth after you kill it.

B. In Kariamma, ask around for an alternative way to cross the mountains, to learn about a set of caves below the village. Enter the caves and pass through to the other side to find the tooth.

Vial of Holy Water

A. In the northwestern corner of the map you will find a snake charmer. Killing him and searching his body will yield a vial of holy water.

B. From the Black Elf merchant at the caravan.

C. South from the Forest of Snatta, near the beacon, you'll find a buried body. Keep digging to reveal a a puddle of holy water. If you have a gourd (5.1 on this list) you can fill it.

D. In the Forest of Snatta, between Fenestra’s hut and the beacon, is a small house. During daytime, you can cut away the vines (take care - using your regular sword without enhancements will blunt it) and enter to find a vial.

E. At the docks of Lake Ilklala, you can buy them from a bottle merchant.

F. If you bring a gourd filled with regular water to the priest in the ruined temple of Throff (in the south of the Klatta-Ban Steppes), he will help you by blessing the water.

Vial of Glue

From the Sorceress Bria, southeast of Shadrack's hut. She will set it down on the table after which you can ask to take it.

Yellow Powder

East of the Black Elf Caravan, going up towards the (broken) bridge you'll get harassed by a gnome with a spellbook. After finding him he'll offer you a vial of Yellow Powder and a Chakram.

In Tinpang, during daytime, enter the smoking building. Inside you can steal or ask for yellow powder.

Stone Dust

Found on the ground after killing the Earth Serpent.

Inside Elthera's cave.


A. When you look into the fire in Kariamma, you can see sand and pebbles. Get the sand but not the pebbles (they will burn you)

B. When travelling through the tunnel north of Kariamma. As you enter the circular room, an option appears to scoop up some sand.

C. Walking along the shore by the Lake in the final area with the islands, you can gather some sand.

D., Killing the Klattamen if you sleep outside by the ruined temple will allow you to find some sand.


When going to the final tower on a southern island. Wander the trees and take some wax from the bee's nest.

Between the very first beacon (southwest) and the (fixed) bridge you'll come across a statue. If you have a Bamboo Pipe, stick it in its mouth and suck on it to receive some beeswax.

Goblin Teeth

You can find some Marsh Goblins when walking around the Marsh after turning the Forest of Snatta into a Marsh with the beam. Kill them and take their teeth, along with their parchment.

Snattacat's Teeth

A. A few Snattacats can be found in the Forest of Snatta, usually between the beacon and Alizii's house. Killing them allows you to take their teeth.

B. Buy them from the merchant in Tinpang.

C. - In Tinpang, inside the Upper Ruins you will find 3 sets of Snattacat Teeth.

Firefox's Teeth

A. Firefoxes might attack you in the night in some locations, I found them on the northwestern island in Lake Iklala.

B. Buy them from the merchant in Tinpang.


Southeast from Shadrack’s hut, climb the mountains to enter an avalanche. While trying to survive you will be able to snatch a pebble.

Also from the destroyed Temple in the Steppes.


Chainmail Shirt

From the merchant at the Black Elf caravan. He doesn't sell it initally, but you can use the brass pendulum to put him to sleep, then steal it. It grants +2 attack.

Hewing Axe

From the merchant at the Black Elf caravan. It has no usage in battle but will allow you to cut away vines and trees that appear in several locations in this game without penalty.


From the Deathwraith impersonator in the foothills.

Assassin Sword

First, approach the middle of the broken bridge in the Forest of Snatta, and climb it, to meet Flanker. Having had that encounter, you will find an Assassin Sword right before the ending of the game, on the Xamen Road.

Empty Gourd

A. Southeast from Shadrack's hut, on your way towards Sorceress Bria, you can find a giant in the woods. If you wait around a little before approaching him your character will notice an empty gourd lying nearby. You can, later on, fill it with regular or holy water.

B In the northwestern corner of the map is a building site that you can visit. During a moment of confusion, opt to sneak around the site to find an empty gourd.

2. Fistful of Gems

South of the Forest of Snatta, at the ruined temple of Throff, climb down the well and dig out the gems.

4. Yellow Feather

Found in the ruins below Kariamma. It can be used at the stone circle close to where you found the Seven Spirits. In order to use it correctly, you will have to visit the stone circle at night to learn a new spell (TUF), then revisit it during the day (or sleep through the night) and use the spell in conjunction with the feather.

5. Whistle

A. In the Klatta-Ban Steppes, a little west of the beacon there, you will notice something white lying in the ground. If you clear the dust and then dig into the ground you will discover a buried body containing whistle. Use the whistle to call the ferryman on the shores of Lake Iklala.

B. Sorceress Fenestra (in the Forest of Snatta) will sell you a whistle for a (varied) amount of gold. Make sure to haggle to pay a smaller fee.

C. At the end of the bridge crossing the Forest of Snatta is a lone hut with a corpse hanging on the ceiling. Use ZEN to recover the corpse and find the whistle on him (which also confirms the corpse’s identity - the real ferryman). Note, however, that if Courga is your current Spirit guide he will disapprove.

D. In the Klattaman Village (located in the Klatta-Ban steppes, just below the Forest of Snatta), enter the blacksmith’s hut, to find the whistle laying around. Attempting to grab it at first will result in some resistance from the blacksmith, however you can cast YAZ (or GAK - unconfirmed) to snatch it without repercussions.

6. Flask of Oil --

A. In Kariamma, enter the kitchen and wait for the cook to disappear for a moment. Quickly snatch the Flask of oil you spotted earlier. This can be used to defeat the Water Serpent.

B. Sorceress Fenestra (in the Forest of Snatta) will give you one free of charge if you ask about the Serpents’ weaknesses.

7. Goblin Message

As you enter the Swamp in the middle of the map, you will eventually (usually right after the first time you enter the swamp) come across a group of Goblins. You can either talk to them with a RAP spell (requires a Green-haired Wig) and convince them to hand you a parchment, or simply kill them all and search their bodies. The parchment contains a riddle in a foreign language. You can have it translated by visiting the Sorceress Fenestra, or by Lorag. Lorag will visit you soon after finding the parchment, and come back some time after with his translation (note that having Lorag as your spirit guide will not stop him from translating the parchment). The translated message is a riddle that may help you defeat the Time Serpent.

8. Rope Ladder

A. Approach the old tree west to Fishtail Cove (Shadrack’s hut), then climb into the tree and untie the rope ladder to obtain it.

B. [Enter Elthera’s cave by casting a ZEN spell at the bottom of the cliff to find a Rope Ladder inside.

9. Set of Dice

A. Given by Sorceress Elthera, at the young tree next to Shadrack’s hut, after you play any number of Swindlestones games with her.

B. Inside Elthera’s cave in the southwestern cliff, found lying on the ground. Enter the cliff by using a FAL spell from the top, or a ZEN spell from the bottom.

C. Similarly to B, the set can also be found on the ground if you visit her cave in the present time.

D. In the northwestern section of the map, there’s a house just north of the Beacon. Enter it at night to find a set of dice by the fire.

10. Serpent Ring

Found inside Elthera’s cave in the southwestern cliff. Enter the cliff by using a FAL spell or a rope ladder from the top, or a ZEN spell from the bottom.

11. Giant Tooth Pendant

Approach the steaming holes in the southwestern section of the map (to the left of the old tree) and cast SUS to learn of its dangers. After doing so, reach into the holes to find the item. Alternatively you can use GOB and cast a Goblin that will do the job for you.

12. Compass

In the Klattaman Village (located in the Klatta-Ban steppes, just below the Forest of Snatta), enter the blacksmith’s hut to receive the compass. It can be used to find your way through the dense forest and to the beacon on the southeastern island in Lake Iklala.

13. Six-lobed Leaf --

In the Forest of Snatta, on the left-hand path below the broken bridge, you can choose to forage for food. Searching the trees will allow you to obtain this curious item; while there is no usage for it in this game, the game mentions it might become valuable later on (presumably in Sorcery! 4).

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