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Recovering Lost or Stolen Items

Recovering Lost or Stolen Items
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There are several places where someone will try to take some of your valuable posessions in S3.

A little boy will call you over to give you a dropped item that he found and one of your things will be missing.
A Hooded Figure at the Whirlpool will bump into you and steal something.
Flanker will steal your sword at the Old Bridge. (NOTE: You can always kill him with magic or some such and take his sword).
Crossing the bridge over the swamp could cost two items.
During a storm south of the Forest of Snatta.

Generally you will have to replace your missing stuff and the god news is that most items can be found or can be replaced.

If something gets stolen (other than by Flanker, who will only steal your sword) it will be: 1. Black Facemask 2. Gold-backed mirror 3. Green-haired wig or 4. Crystal Orbs

(Your stolen sword can be retrieved from the hut in the present time that is southeast of Fenestra's Hut.)

The items stolen by the boy can sometimes be found in the holes full of steam from the game's first area.

Check out the "Item Location" page to find locations for replacement items!

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