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Start by walking out into the plains, cast HOT when you hear a rustle and throw the fireball when you see the birds. And then an eagle will give you a message.

Go up to the edge of the cliff and sleep for the night. In the morning you will find some stamina recovering moss and stairs leading to the bottom of the crevasse. When the stairs crumble, cast FOF and step off.

The Base of the Cliff. The Old Road

When you hear a voice, cast TEL and get a clue.

Head North to the tower. and then to the foothills. Look for the sound.

There will be a tornado... talking to it will let you speak to a little boy who gives you a message about the Fire Serpent.

Go south and read the message in the cave. Shout the name "Shadrack" into the sky to call the old wizard and learn all about time travel.

Collect your Galehorn.

Then we go South to the mountain path, the summit and the Hut to meet Bria. You will need to counter her spells- ZIP with GLU (hope you took that bottle of glue a few seconds ago...)

ROK with PAL

She will give you a Green Ring.

Go to the tree to play some Swindlestones with the young lady there. Beat her and she will give you your own dice.

Back to the Northern tower and adjust the crystal to shine on the bridge.

Go West, then North, then cross the bridge.

East, then NE, then North to the black Elf Caravan. Try to buy the metronome, put the elf to sleep and steal the crystal ball and the axe.

Go East and expect a giant beetle. Cast Jig and play faster to have it burrow into the ground.

When you hear movement again, don't kill it.

Back to the ruined tower, head NW. Eat more moss.

North to the snake charmer's pit.

Go N then S then E to meet a grumpy and impatient gnome-lady.

Go S & SE to meet a fake Deathwraith and get a Chakram and some yellow speed powder.

Go up the slope and uphill then up the steps to find the Moon Serpent. Cast HOT and then destroy it.

Look in every direction and then slide down the cliff into Snattacat Forest.

Onward! Clinbing a tree will get you a bomba fruit.

South to the broken bridge and rest.

Climbing up the bridge will run you into Flanker, who will steal your sword... so don't do any of that.

Head South toward the Stepppes. leave the forest and go S.

Walk towards flag sticking out of the ground. Eat some moss and whack the pole to find a Seer, who will give you a Jeweled medallion... kind of.

South across the Steppes will net you one Air Serpent. Cast HUF, search for its body, pick up what looks like a leaf and tear it up.

Go S.

Head S to the broken temple. Look at the outside, Look at the impression, open the trapdoor and climb down. Through the trapdoor. Climb down.

You should search the room, talk to the priest, free him and when he runs up, SHOUT AFTER HIM.

When you climb up, talk to him and ask him about his Goddess. Convert if you want help with the Earth Serpent.

Go into the main temple and sleep. The building will fall apart, search it for some pebbles.

Go out to the well. Lower the bucket twice, cast PAL, Climb in, use the Chakram to dig, climb out, raise the bucket and collect your gems.

Aim for the NW section of the forest to find the Fire Serpent. Climb the tree and drop sand on it. Use your sword to finish the job.

Head Northwest to find Alizzi's Hut and your sword if you climbed the bridge. Search the house for a Holy Water.

Keep going North to the Bare Hill and find Fenestra's Hut. Don't leave until you've gotten a whistle, oil and the sun serpant's orb. (To get the orb, you have to look at it in her house at least once.

Travel to a low mound to the east which appeared to be visited by the TIME SERPENT and friends. They brutally kill our character but somehow she isn't dead; the world is twisted and there is now a pocket of past around the low mound, where steppe becomes marsh.

Go North up through the marsh, then east to beacon #4. Turn it on, then re-enter the marsh where we encounter Marsh Goblins carrying a scroll and being hunted by the time serpent. We graciously took it off their hands in the hope this meant the time serpent would stop hunting them.

Once this was done head east (at night) to the Khattaman village, where we chatted around a fire, Got our Max Stamina restore from S2, won a fight, was healed by the village shaman, and slept.

Went north back to the forest, followed the loop counter clockwise in the hopes of finding forage, attacked by a Snattacat which was driven off with LAW, and finally back to the pool where we had found beacon #3. Cast ZEN and float to the beacon.

Entered the tower, turned on the beacon, faced it northward to illuminate the ruins of the great bridge. The land shimmered into the past, when the bridge was still repaired.

Traveled north to the bridge, then west until I could find some place to climb up. Wound up walking all night because the area was now marsh and not safe. Crossed over the bridge and paid a beggar a gold piece while crossing over.

Head east to find an abandoned hut with a dead man in it. Just downhill from there we were ambushed by the EARTH SERPENT. Cast the galehorn spell to destroy it.

Follow the road north from there, then north east into the ruins of Tinpang. After throughly exploring the ruins, found beacon #4 in a tower there and fired it up. Unfortunately not enough gold so wound up sleeping in an alley.

The next day sold all our snatta and firefox teeth to a collecter here for 89 gold! We also investigated a factory, visited a would-be prophet in the low city, and made our way out of town south to the lake. We blew a whistle to summon the ferryman, whom we asked to row east. We checked out the northeastern island, and slept.

The island was inhabited by an Analand captive whose mission was our destruction. She made it off the island back to the boat, then traveled southeast.

Head south from there to the southeastern most island which held beacon #5. I had been given a compass in the village on the steppes, and this compass led us to the door of the tower.

With access to beacons 2, 3, 4, and 5 (swamp, forest, steppe, Tinpang), Aim the beacon in each tower to point all four beacons directly at the known location of the time serpent on the southwestern island.

Swim over and kill the thing.

Take the boat to the southeast bank of the lake, and do battle with the Water Serpent. Throw the oil in its mouth and it will die immediately. Go to Beacon 2 on the lake shore and teleport to beacon 1.

At beacon 1, she re-aligns it to point north shining over the ruins of the beacon there then used the teleporter to hop over the bridge to what was ruined beacon #1 and is now beacon #6. Activated THIS beacon as well and aimed it northeast, illuminating the village of Kariamma. Traveled north past what had been the caravan campground , where we found a dark elf nailed to a crucifix.

ALTERNATE TIME LINE: Used holy water to resurrect him only to have him fall over stone dead again a minute later.

At any rate, continued northwest into an open field where we found a man buried up to his neck for stealing. Use BIG to improve her strength, then dug him out. In gratitude the man proposed marriage on the spot , offering Girl Characters a pearl ring as a token of his affection.

And then he leaves anyway, so heck with that guy.

Go southeast to take the far southeastern-est road in what had been desert to meet a butcher on her cart. Buy delicious meats.

Head northeast towards Kariamma and cook the meat. Listen in on a story of tunnels under the city. Sleep for the night.

Follow the kids to the tunnel mouth, then travel through it. Find a beautiful , obviously magical artifact but not able to do anything about it. Run from the cave-in back to the forest.

Walk to beacon #2 -- the forest beacon -- teleport to the ruined beacon on the southeast shore of the lake, then walk uphill to the road to Mampang and the end of the game!

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