Sorcery! 3


Sorcery! 3 Guide



Creates lightening (and occasionally out-of-control fires)


It is the " Mario's Fireflower" Spell.


Creates a force field.


Creates a wall.


This is the demonic possession spell. Allows the sorcerer to take over the will of an unintelligent creature.


A spell for making any creature awkward and uncoordinated.


Effortlessly expands sorcerers.

WOK 1 Requires one gold piece.

Creates a temporary shield that costs one Gold.


Opens any door not sealed by magic.

RAZ Requires beeswax.

Sharpens weapons


Checks for danger. This is the "Canary in the mine" spell.


Shadow Clone Jutsu

JIG Requires a bamboo flute.

Causes unstoppable dancing and general merriment.

GOB Requires a goblin’s tooth.

Summons Goblins. Because everyone can use a few extra Goblins.

YOB Requires a giant’s tooth.

Summons a giant.

GUM Requires a vial of glue.

Fastens creatures to walls, floors, each other etc.


Provides an escape route

DOC Requires a medicinal potion

Regains stamina


Creates unpleasant slowness.


Casts an image of treasure for use in bribing, paying or luring.


Protects the sorcerer from Magic

POP Requires a pebble.

Creates a tiny, but powerful explosion. P-p-p-potshots.


Catches you while you are falling.


Makes opponents stupid.


Casts a room into sudden impenetrable darkness.

MUD Requires sand.


NIF Requires nose plugs.

Creates a terrible stench.

TEL Requires a skullcap.


GAK Requires a black facemask.

Creates intense fear.


Creates severe depression.

GOD Requires a jewel of gold.

Kind of like "Attract" People suddenly like you better for some reason.

KIN Requires a gold-backed mirror.

Creates a clone of an enemy

PEP Requires fire water.

Temporary super strength

ROK Requires stone dust.

It turns things to stone.

NIP Requires yellow powder.

Super speed!!!

HUF Requires a galehorn.

Raises a very strong wind.

FIX Requires a staff of oak sapling.

Renders a thing immoveable for a little while.

NAp Requires a brass pendulum.

Its like when jigglypuff uses "Sing."

ZEN Requires a jewel-studded medallion.

Floating in air

YAZ Requires a pearl ring.

Cloak of (mostly) Invisibility.

SUN Requires a sun jewel.

Provides light.

KID Requires a bracelet of bone.

Clones the caster.

RAp Requires a green-haired wig.

A Babel Fish

YAP Requires a green-haired wig.

The Doctor Doolittle Effect

Zlp Requires a green ring.


fAR Requires a crystal orb.

Look into the future

RES Requires holy water.

Kind of revives the dead


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