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Review: Sorcery! 3 is Here At Last

We should have known to expect an incredible gaming experience from Inkle- the mobile magicians behind the app legend 80 Days and fans of the previous two Sorcery! gamebooks were understandably restless for Sorcery! 3's release, but the game we were all expecting was not the game that we got.

While the App Store and Play Store's descriptions will tell you that you have Inkle's wholehearted permission to jump in head-first to Sorcery! 3, but you will be missing out. And I can tell you exactly how:

Inkle has somehow managed to slowly and beautifully flesh out the story, so that the player learns the way this crazy mixed-up world works right along with the character they have created. We both started off- two books ago- not knowing anyone or anything and by the time we got to the Baklands, we were feeling pretty confident. "How hard could it be to kill seven serpents?" We thought, self-assuredly. Pretty tough, as it turns out.

Inkle snuck up on us and instead of releasing the digital version of the gamebook they promised, they sent us out into a terrifying world that was not only huge, it was also completely malleable.

Sorcery! 3 take those familiar questions, scenarios and options from the first two books and adds an untold multitude of "What if's." And not just normal, rational options. They offered me actions that I never knew my life was missing. Ride a skunkbear? Yes, please. Turn myself invisible, commit all of the larceny and then evade my (rightfully irritated) captors also invisibly? Every. Day.

This newest incarnation in the Sorcery! series has pulled elements from the two previous games, obviously, but they have also added some of the special touches that made 80 Days so unbelievable: a day and night cycle, a single world map, and a more user friendly rewind system for those of us who have a hard time making up our minds.

Sorcery! 3 demonstrates an improvement of something that was already great. The Seven Serpents is no longer just the third part in a four part series- it is a fantastical journey all on its own that happens to have two parts of exposition and eventually (sadly) an ending.

This game the best creation Inkle has ever given us to play with. They have set the bar pretty high, anybody want to put two Gold Pieces down that they cast ZEN and float right over it with Sorcery! 4?
5.0 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar (Mallary) | May 10th 2015


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Review by RichMay 15th 2015
Super cool game -makes my own personal list of essential app game purchases
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