PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze

Basic Tips

Basic Tips
PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze Guide

1.) Power Pellets are important, so do not use them immediately. Even if Pac-Man 256 employs a new premise, it does retain the original game. You must eat the power pellets only on opportune time. Yes, they render the ghosts vulnerable, but for a short span of time. You must eat them (1) You are close to being caught, (2) you are being trapped but a power pellet is nearby, (3) overwhelming amount of ghosts are lumped in the same area that is near the pellet, (4) there is another power pellet nearby to extend the effect, (5) if you are going to get crept over by the glitch anyway, why not get some extra score.

2.) Always be one step ahead. You still control Pac-Man even in limited capacity. Before he hits a wall, you must drive him away to your desired direction. Pac-Man only follows the direction and that direction alone until you give him another one. You do not need to hit the corner before gliding to turn him to the left or to the right, Pac-Man will follow that direction anyway when you glide in advance. He will turn the corner as soon as there is a pathway to take.

3.) You can actually stop moving. You do not need Pac-man to be in eternal movement. Yes, the game is an “endless” runner, but there are advantages of staying still. You might want to wait for the ghosts to be in certain positions before running into field. Or, you want to get the ghosts lumping together, as there are nearby pellets, so that you can consume all at once them as soon as they get nearer.

4.) Chaining is important because it gives more points than running around aimlessly. There are bonus points for every 16 pellets and maxes out at 256 and also more bonus points if you are able to snag some fruits here and there. When it comes to scoring, the ghosts are the least of your concerns, the chains are there for you. So as much as possible, just maintain a chain and do not chase ghosts if it is not needed anyway.

5.) Do not play this game on portrait mode as much as possible. This is better played on landscape so that you can see the entire field. You can switch to portrait if you are not comfortable with landscape, but it would be much more ineffecient.

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