PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze

Credits and Coins

Credits and Coins
PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze Guide

Pac-Man 256 features two currency: the credit and the coins. Below are the ways to earn and spend them, as well as their defining features.


Credits are used to play the game. You can only have six credits max, and you earn one credit every few minutes. You can also earn two credits by watching a video ad. It is possible to play the game by waiting on the replenish, however, if you are in the zone, the experience may be too jarring. So, I will just suggest that you pay the $7.99 worth of unlimited credit. Do not even think of buying the credit boost since it is just temporary and costs $0.99.

Credits are used when starting a session, and it is also used to allow you in using power-ups during the game. The cost for a power-up per session is just one credit, regardless of what you activate. Credits are also used when you want to continue if you happen to die. However, there is an imposed limitation of this. You can only use the one credit once to continue the game, no consecutive "buy-ins" for you! You cannot consecutively use the credits in continuing the game.

Another use of the pellet is it being an "experience" point. You can unlock power-ups by collecting pellets. As long as you play the game, there will be power-ups getting unlocked because the pellet system also works as a level up system and every "level up" is a new power-up to use. Credits directly affect how you get those unlocks by giving some boost (+10% of earned pellets) everytime you use a credit to activate a powerup for that session.


Coins are used in upgrading the power-ups you unlocked. The upgrades are usually in length of the effect, or awarding more points. The coins are earned by playing the game. They are also given out everytime an objective is complete. Like the credits, coins are also handed out to those people who watch the video ads.

There is a coin doubler for $4.99. As the name states, it doubles the amount of coins you get per session. Nice, but not as necessary as the unlimited credits.


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