PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze

PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze

Advanced Guide
PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze Guide

Advanced Guide

The Basic Tips should tide you over the basic premise. However, if you want to know more tips we'll, here it is!

1.) The Glitch - The glitch does not discriminate, it will consume anything that gets caught on its path. You can send the ghosts over there since they are mostly slower than you are. And those that are faster than you is programmed to travel in just one direction. You do have to be quick with this though, and make sure you have more than one path as an alternative for the escape out of the glitch. The glitch is always slower than you too, you can always outrun it.

2.) Efficiency - The game does not reward points to the distance you traveled, but only to the pellets you consumed. If you were paying attention, eating ghosts does not really help *that much* when it comes to scoring. You can backtrack to get all those pellets, and all those fruits. If there are too many ghosts, they are not worth it. If there are multiple fruits, go get them, just make sure there is a nearby power pellet to get you out of there when the going gets tough.

3.) Missions – It is totally understandable if you manage to ignore the missions. Pac-Man 256 is already a very busy game, keeping tabs with extra objectives might be too overwhelming. Still, completing missions are very helpful when all you want are stacks of coins. During the Game Over screen, there will be a banner stating your challenge. As much as possible, you must complete them on your next run. These missions are super easy to complete, but this may vary, depending on what is on board. For example, killing a set number of ghosts may be easy, but you might find yourself looking for power pellets in the most uncomfortable situation. Once you complete these challenges, you will have to play a button and you are going to roll the dice for chance for coins. The set number of coins to win is 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256.

4.) Upgrade – Do not be a master of none. Choose the Power-ups you like the most and upgrade them to their most potent configuration. Upgrade your skills when you decide to quit playing because by then you accumulate enough points to push the levels.

5.) Warp Tunnels – Warp tunnels are double edged swords. They let you travel instantly to the other side, giving you that much needed escape route. However, you might be meeting a ghost on the other end. That is alright since you will be vulnerable for a short amount of time. You be careful still, because you might get too comfortable and keep on going in and out of the warp tunnels, attracting large amount of ghosts near the both ends of the tunnel and you are trapped. Game Over.

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