Fruits and Ghosts
PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze Guide

Fruits and Ghosts


Fruits give you multipliers and more scoring if consumed. And in this game, scoring is everything, hence you must consume all of the fruits if you want to get pass your previous high score. When consuming fruits, the multiplier will appear on the overall score. It will then flash and then fade if it starts being inactive. The multipliers will take effect on everything you do. Whether you eat a ghost, eat a pellet, or eat a new fruit, the multiplier will multiply whatever is assigned to it. Fruits is also worth some points as a base.
Note: Consuming another fruit while being the effects of another fruit is active will replace the effect of the latter and the former will take its place.

Green Melon


The Ghosts is a staple in Pac Man, they serve as the main antagonist of our round hero. Back in the day, when this game came out, people seem to believe that these ghosts are just running in random directions. Upon closer inspection, they do follow a pattern, they are not random, they are deterministic. They are programmed to behave in a certain manner. Below are the ghosts in Pac Man. More or less they follow their original behaviors with added features,

Blinky (Red Ghost) – Blinky follows one rule: chase Pac Man at all costs. That is the sole reason of Blinky’s existence. He is rather smart with the paths he traverses, as he will take the shortest, most efficient pathway to Pac Man. Blinky’s travel speed is the same as Pac Man, hence he can’t outrun you, but he is persistent enough to catch on you later on. Blinky usually appears when you spent a considerable amount of time running around the field.

Spunky (Gray Ghost) – Spunky stays on a corner and does not do anything until Pac Man goes near him. At around five units (pellets) distance, he will wake up and chase Pac Man. It will be pretty obvious when he will start chasing because he will flash with white glow. Spunky chases Pac Man with the same speed as Pac Man, but if you are able to separate yourself from him within a few seconds, he will stop and sleep again. Remember: The distance that will trigger his chase does not take account walls, so even if there are walls between Pac Man and Spunky, as long as the distance is within five units, he will wake up.

Pinky (Pink Ghost) – Pinky will only chase you upon “contact”. The moment you are within a straight line, she will chase you in a straight line too. Her vision is limited only in straight line, so she will not start chasing if you are in a corner or there are walls between her and Pac Man. In order to shake her off, you just have to take the corner and she will stop chasing.

Clyde (Orange Ghost) – Clyde moves vertically and has set travel pattern. He will likely be moving on straight line and then turning the corner most of the times. He will not give a chase and is much slower compared to Pac Man. In fact, you can sneak behind him even if he has a considerable headstart. He will not chase Pac Man much, but he is a trap as he will turn around a certain area constantly blocking Pac Man options when things start going tough.

Inky (Blue Ghost) – Inky is just like Clyde and is the first to appear on the board. He will just move around an area in “circles”. He will not go out of his way and chase Pac Man or move from area to area. He will just be there in his assigned place and keep on running around. Still, he is a dangerous ghost when put into a position where there are no turns nearby, he will go in a straightline and then turn around again, giving him a much bigger perimeter!

Sue (Purple Ghost, Group) – The slowest ghosts and moves in very strict path. They will move in a horizontal direction and is basically guarding a single lane. They will block the direction where Pac Man is going since they will always base their movements on Pac Man’s direction. These ghosts are not dangerous by themselves but they can get pretty annoying because you will have to consider them when you are being chased. Yes, they are slow, but they are many and they lump into a single lane where you can easily get trapped.

Funky (Green Ghost, Group) – Funky moves in long paths however when they hit a wall, they will turn back to where they came from and repeat, infinitely. They are like fast moving trucks in a super highway, and Pac Man is a pedestrian looking to cross the road. Pac Man will have to wait for them to pass by before he can cross. Even if there is a warp tunnel, if it is a part of Funky’s lane, they will enter through it. WARNING: Both Funky and Sue can be eaten during trance Pac Man but there will be one ghost that stays in the field and will continue taking the pattern.

Glitchy – Later on you will encounter a ghost with the same visual appearance as the glitch itself: a funky mess. At first, he will enter the arena as a harmless ghost, but a few moments later, he will become just like the other ghost, including their pre-programmed behavior. If you know by heart the other ghosts’ pattern, you can easily identify what type of ghost Glitchy adopted.

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