Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery

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Review by GuestNov 26th 2022
Just wish it was quicker to get energy I have spent nearly £20 already on energy
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Review by SenvNov 13th 2022
It's a well written game with a good storyline. For more advanced puzzlers, it is not very challenging and the game progresses ahead and does a lot of the guiding by telling where to go next and what you need to do. The mini games may be a breeze for some and it would have been nice to have the option for Easy, Medium, Hard levels at the start of the game. The fact the energy level expires with each click of the screen is disappointing as each day you can only play for 5 minutes without paying for more or watching ads - and that doesn't guarantee you get any more energy as there are "discrepancies" which resets the last scene and you lose the energy and any part you had just completed (annoying when you have to do the hidden object again). Overall, good game.
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