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Murder by Choice is a scene based whodunnit murder mystery. A mysterious invitation to the exotic island home of an illusive genius, a guest list of friends and influential celebrities, then someone is murdered, and you need to investigate.

The game is packed with hidden object scenes set around the huge house and island, with decisions to make, secrets to find and puzzles to solve. In our Murder by Choice guide you'll find help with what items look like, how to solve some puzzles and more.

Murder By Choice Guide and Walkthrough
Murder By Choice Guide and Walkthrough

Our guide is aimed at beginners to the game that may be struggling with the concept of just getting started and may need some hand holding. Check out also our Murder by Choice answers for a load of individual questions and answers about specific things in the game.

So if you are worried that a walkthrough may contain too many spoilers, or you need some help further along the game past the scope of this guide, then the best place to look on our website is our Murder by Choice answers page, there you can see all of the existing questions and answers, and even ask your own question too.


Murder by Choice has an energy system in the game that will limit some of your activities depending on how quickly you want to play through the game. Moving around the locations of the game doesn't use any energy, but you will need it when you want to start the puzzles and hidden object scenes as well as for making some of the dialog choices and progressing in the story line.

Energy regenerates in the game, but the rate of recovery is slow. You will find yourself running out regularly if you play a lot each day. You can see more details on the energy use and our tips for getting more energy in the Energy Use guide.


As well as the hidden objects that you will need to find in the many scenes of the game there are also collectible items hidden around the house and island. These are fun extra items to find and can be useful and they can awards you will energy when you find enough.

If you want help with these then the guides for the Story Collectibles and also the Exploration Collectibles (that can be found after you have finished the main story) will help you with this.

Story Scenes and Puzzles

If you are looking for help with locating items in any of the games hidden object scenes please check through the guide pages for the part of the story you have reached. The menu will list the guides in the story order and will start the location so you can look for the scene that you need.

If you have trouble finding what you need then you can try the search box above.

Chapter 2: Wedding Bells

We are waiting for the release of chapter 2 of the game. Wedding bells has been in development for some time but unfortunately there is no specific release date for it.


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