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Murder by Choice is a scene based whodunnit murder mystery. Someone has been killed in the hotel, and you need to investigate. The game is packed with decisions, scenes and stuff to find. In our Murder by Choice guide you'll find some help with what items look like, how to solve some puzzles and more.

Our guide is aimed at beginners to the game that may be struggling with the concept of just getting started and may need some hand holding. Check out also our Murder by Choice answers for a load of individual questions and answers about specific things in the game.

So if you are worried that a walkthrough may contain too many spoilers, or you need some help further along the game past the scope of this guide, then the best place to look on our website is our Murder by Choice answers page, there you can see all of the existing questions and answers, and even ask your own question too.

If you are getting started in the game and are stuck, then head to the first page of our guide, Part 1.
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