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Part 1

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Part 1

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The game starts with you arriving at the hotel, after a couple of non-consequential questions, you'll start to get into the puzzles, the first one open a case for another guest.

How to open the suitcase with the bobby pin?
The first puzzle in the game is to help another guest open their suitcase with a bobby pin.
Unlock the case using the bobby pin
Unlock the case using the bobby pin

To do this you have to press up a sequence of levers in the correct order.

Firstly, move the bobby pin to the second lever and pull down, this will fix in the first lock, then mov the bobby pin to the 5th lock and again pull down on the bobby pin, this will fix this one in place too.
Then move the bobby pin to just under the 3rd lock, and pull down, this will fix this one in place too. The fourth lock to fix in place is actually the fourth one in the image, and the final one is the first.

This will unlock the suitcase for Katharine.

The next scene will put you in the hotel lobby and you need to get your room key.

How to get my room key?
To get your room key at the start of the game you have to tap the small table in the bottom right of the screen. You'll then see a box with names in it. Tap it until you get to Carla. Your key will be in there. Click and drag it out of the envelope to take it.
Get your room key
Get your room key

Also, you can tap the goldfish bowl for a hidden achievement and some bonus energy.

Tragedy at the Pool

Get Ruben the Satellite Phone

On seeing Lucas dead in the pool you will be directed to a hidden object scene. There are a number of items to be found. The hint option is available. Don't forget that you can pinch the screen to zoom in and tap items which may have other items inside them, or be able to open up.
Hidden Object Scene
Hidden Object Scene

You will find quite a few of the items within the large photo album, you can open it up and turn the pages. Items in your request list will highlight themselves if they become visible.

To get the harlequin, tap the skull, take from it the crank, and drag it to the rid box on the left, tunr it to release the harlequin.

The horse can be found on the banner over on the right. It's easy to miss as it's not really part of the main scene.

Find all of the items to get the Satellite Phone, which is located on one of the shelves.

Head back to the pool when you have the Satellite Phone. Then drag the phone to Ruben who is holding the hand of the dead Lucas by the pool.

Talk to Mrs Bird - By the pool

Get Mrs Bird a Blanket - head to the Veranda via the Foyer, then click the blanket that is on the chair in the bottom left of the scene. Head back to the pool, the you can drag the blanket from your inventory to Mrs Bird.

Search the Patio for more clues. Tap the drain, and then you'll be prompted to look for a screwdriver. You can now tap Mrs Bird and ask her where to find a toolbox, she tells you to head off to the veranda where you'll meet the gardener who will direct you to look in a scene for a scrwdriver.

There are a few other tricky to find items which we cover below with some descriptions.

What does the Thermos look like?
You can find it in the bag on the left of the scene, you see the to of it only, it's red and round.

What does duct tape look like?
You can find it inside the tool box on the right of the scene, it is round and silver. Like ordinary taoe, just silver.

What does a flare gun look like?
In this case you will see it below the bag on the right, it is small and red, like a pistol.

There is a yello knife in the scene, drag that to the parcel on the lower left to open it and see inside, there you will find the fishing bobber.

On the side of the round table there is what looks to be a drawer. Towards the top of the scene there is a metal handle, tap that and drag it to the drawer to open it and look inside. In the left of the drawer you'll find the scrwdriver.

The feather is also on the outside of the round table, it is engraved on the side and very hard to spot.

The notepad is in the bag, towards the back.

To get Africa, tap the globe, then spin it until you see Africa, tap that.

Now you have the screwdriver, head back to the patio, tap the drain again and drag the screwdriver to open it up.
Search the Drain
Search the Drain

Start tapping the contents of the drain, and you will find a black enamel pin, tap it to add it to your inventory.

Aquarium Suite
Another room will now open up, the Aquarium Suite which you can find within the pool patio area. Tap the door then drag your key there to open it up. You can now enter the Aquarium Suite.

In the mirror you'll find a note containing a QR code, tap that the scan it in the game, it contains a map of the island.

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