MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box

Level 10

Level 10
MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box Guide

This is a walkthrough for Level 10 of MechBox. Check through the guide below for the hints and solutions.

Layer 10 has 18 green buttons around a center screen. Tapping the buttons reveals an icon / image on each.
Level 10

This level is a memory game where you need to match the 9 pairs of symbols by tapping them in sequence. Finding them is not too hard but you need to remember the locations as each error clears them so you will need to make a final run of 18 correct taps.
Level 10

The positions are set randomly for your game so we cannot show you where the icons will be but they will remain in the same places for you as long as you don't restart the level.

It may help if you make a note on paper or take screen shots as you find the pairs to help you remember the locations.

Once done you will move on to the next stage of the puzzle. The screen will activate and tell you to press the 'key' symbol.

You will be shown a sequence of 4 symbols that you need to tap before the timer runs out. The trick is that when you press the first one the buttons will go blank. It will help a lot to make a plan of the positions of each of the symbols before you start.

You will need to enter 6 sequences of 4 symbols which each turn giving less time that the previous one. If you make a mistake or run out of time you start again. This is very hard but with a written down guide or a printed screen shot and a little practice you can get it. It gets easier to remember the locations the more times you try.

Once done you will be asked to press any key and it will give you another 4 symbol pass code to enter. No timer.
Level 10

Whatever you enter however the code will not work. You will get an error message. Tap a key to get a new pass code on the screen.

This time the code will include the symbol of a diamond. Notice though that there is no diamond button.
Hint: We need to make a diamond buttonShow
Solution: Tap the buttons for carbon (C) + pressure (arrows) + temperature (thermometer) + time (clock).Show
Level 10

A diamond button will appear and now you can enter the real password. This will complete the level

You can now move on to the secret Level 11. If you have any questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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