MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box

Level 3

Level 3
MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box Guide

This is a walkthrough for Level 3 of MechBox. Check through the guide below for the hints and solutions.

Level 3

At the top left is a green button with controls a set of red lights next to it. Tapping and holding on the button will make the red lights flash and reveal that 1 in the center is green. You need to let go of the button at the right moment to leave the green button on.
Level 3

When you do this a panel will appear with a key pad entry. Next swipe the lever on the lower right down to reveal a 4 digit code 3381. You cannot use the code yet though.

Continue to swipe up and down on the lever until it breaks off (it was like that when I found it.. honest).
Drag the broken piece to the right of the keypad to use it as a switch and turn on the keypad
Level 3

Finally enter the code 3381 to complete the level.

You can now move on to Level 4. If you have any questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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