MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box

Level 6

Level 6
MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box Guide

This is a walkthrough for Level 6 of MechBox. Check through the guide below for the hints and solutions.

In layer 6 of MechBox there is a number keypad and several green buttons.
Level 6

To start, tap and slide the number pad down to reveal a screwdriver.
Level 6

Slide the screwdriver to the panel cover above with the power symbol to remove it.

Next we need to find a code to enter on the keypad, this is hidden.
Solution: swipe left on the help / home buttons in the bottom right to pull out a panel with the code on it.Show
Code: 2714Show

Enter the code into the keypad to get a battery.
Level 6

Drag the battery to the space under the cover to power up the third green button to the left.

Now you need to press and keep down all three green buttons, when you tap it presses it down but then tapping other will turn it back off again. You must find a way to keep them all active.
Solution: Press the button to the left of the battery to place it in the down position. Then, remove the battery. (drag it anywhere) Next press the top right button, then the bottom right button.Show

The panel will open to reveal a grid with blue, red, and green boxes. This is a clue to a code.
Hint: if you number the boxes in the grid from 1 to 25, left to right top to bottom then the boxes are at the following positions. Blue = 1, Red = 9, Green = 25.Show
Hint 2: to get the order consider the color standard RGB or the three colors ordering in the rainbow.Show
Code: 9251Show

Enter this code into the keypad to complete the level.

You can now move on to Level 7. If you have any questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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