MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box

Level 8

Level 8
MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box Guide

This is a walkthrough for Level 8 of MechBox. Check through the guide below for the hints and solutions.

Layer 8 has a screen and number keypad but it is not yet operational.
Level 8

To start tap and drag the rotating gear in the lower left of the screen up to the gap in the upper right to open a panel and reveal a red button.
Level 8

Press the button to activate the screen to see a repeating message of RANDOMIZE and an entry for a 4 digit number.

To proceed here you need to keep entering any 4 digit code until you get a prompt for the correct code of 2810
Level 8

You need to enter this code but there is no '0' on the keypad.

To get the key for '0' to appear we need a separate code.
Hint: Use the letter in the word RANDOMIZE to helpShow
Solution: number the letters of the word from 1-9. From this get the 4 numbers to spell the word ZERO.Show
Code: 8915Show
Enter this code and the '0' key will appear.
Level 8

Now enter the code 2810 and the level will complete.

You can now move on to Level 9. If you have any questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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