MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box

Level 7

Level 7
MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box Guide

This is a walkthrough for Level 7 of MechBox. Check through the guide below for the hints and solutions.

Layer 7 has a lot of dials arranged around a 4 digit code entry and all connected by a yellow wire. But there is no power. Note that there is a broken wire in the lower left near the power button.
Level 7

To fix this tap on the home button in the lower right to bring out the exit screen and you can find a small piece of wire on the upper right corner. Tap and drag this to collect it and move it to the broken wire to fix it.
Level 7

We now have a timing puzzle to complete. Pressing and holding the power button will make the first dial spin around. You need to release the button when it is pointing at the connector for the next dial. You can hold and let it spin multiple times before releasing.
Level 7

When you get each one lines up you then do the same for the next and so on. But if you miss any you have to start again. This may test your patience.

Once you do it, the code entry will activate and you will need to find the code to enter.
Level 7

Hint: the clue for the code is can be seen on the screen plain sight.Show
Solution: See the four sets of lines in the lower right.Show
Code: 2123Show

Once entered press the small green button to complete the level.

You can now move on to Level 8. If you have any questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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