Live or Die: Survival Pro

What's in the world map?

What's in the world map?
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When you leave your home base, you'll be able to access the world map. From here, you'll see that your current location is your home. Going to this area for the first time will unlock the daily reward feature where you'll get free items for your log in. You can also access the shop, your quest logs, crafting, inventory, and settings in this section.

What's in the world map?


You will notice on the upper part of the screen is your energy. Energy is different from HP, and this is used whenever if you wish to travel to another place in the game fast. Energy when used, will restore over time. Also, other locations in the game feature danger levels (signified by the number of skulls).

What's in the world map?

When you choose a location to go to, you'll find its danger level as well as the amount of resources available. You can use your energy to run to that location, or simply walk and use time instead.

Tip: Use the world map to "pause" your game if you do not want to use your hunger and thirst.


If you see a red dotted line going to your home base, you can follow this line to see its location. This will show you a horde of zombies that are about to infiltrate your base, as well as the amount of time you have left for preparation.

What's in the world map?

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