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What's in the home base?

What's in the home base?
Live or Die: Survival Pro Guide

After you've exited the facility, you'll be given some tasks by a person named Mia. Apparently, she's one of the few survivors out there and she'll be assisting you in regards to your survival.

You'll reach a land that's filled with different resources and items that you can use. This land will be your home base and you'll be developing it by yourself.


You'll see a destroyed vehicle when starting off in your home base, this will count as your first storage facility aside from boxes that you can make later on. This is important since you have limited space in your personal inventory, so you will have to manage your items by using this. When checking your map, it will look like a Crate icon.

What's in the home base?

Gathering Resources

In order to turn this to your home base, you'll need to learn how to build a house for yourself. If you follow Mia's instructions, you'll be required to gather items in the surrounding area which you'll then convert to tools. Resources are marked on your map with Rock and Tree icons. Red and yellow dots on the other hand are enemies as well as animals. To gather resources automatically, press the auto button on the lower left.

What's in the home base?


With enough materials, you can craft items as long as you have the needed blue prints. Blue prints are unlocked later on as you progress your level. For now, press the Anvil button on the lower side of the screen, and you'll be provided with a list of items that you can craft such as Weapons, Clothes, Furniture, and Meds. Part of your starting quests is to build an Axe and Pickaxe for gathering wood and stones.

What's in the home base?

Building and Furniture

Once you're able to get stones and wood that's needed for building, you'll be required to make shelter. Press the build button on the right side of the screen, it should have an icon of a saw and hammer. The game will switch to build mode and you'll be able to create your house, as well as add any furniture you've crafted. To start with, you'll use basic wood flooring, walls, windows, and a door.

What's in the home base?

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